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Twenty First Day Of June – 2019.

Silence all around horizons roamed,
When God let loose the flashes of day,
And when sleep left me ah’ ears pained,
Light fever upon my brows danced.

The morning I left like I left an old friend,
And slept for good or bad things to happen.
Good things abandoned me in words and deeds,
Bad things haunts me but stopped short of a good soul.

In the end I told, “Don’t live life, left life enjoy you”.
Out of comforts of the comforter and dreamy pillows,
I stepped into the day when wild birds screeched to save,
Their little ones and attacked everything at my front door.

“The birds stays everyone can go to hell” I said out loud,
As I took what remains of the day to enjoy me,
The world out there maybe wonderful, fearful and hurtful,
I don’t care as the love I may stir up in heart of a girl matters.

“Make your love blind and deaf and you will know me,
Or you will lose me in the pulse of the world,
That beats louder than any of your imaginations,
And will make realities nastier than your fears.”.

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Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

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