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Twenty Fourth Day Of July – 2019.

Latenight twisted and turned and scattered,
Ah’, none cared but only a handful of people,
Whose nightmares are beyond sleep and night,
Who awake stood to be part of imaginary dreams.

In the bit of starlight that found a new way,
To reach the plains of the American states,
And in that little starlight touch bloomed,
Wildflowers with erotic scents and plain colors.

Such a lavish splendor Nature unleashed,
None to see but an aging poet who lived,
In the love that gives him warmth and breath,
Oh’, his soul found newness of love in every second.

And the nightly gloom got erased by a summer morn,
As life found a new way in the new day born,
The twists and turns of the day, Oh’, well hidden,
As many smiled even when they know they are torn.

Through such charismatic chaos time pushed the day,
And I too ran with time then slowly I stopped,
And to time in plain language, I spoke: “This way,
On this day means nothing as not a sign of her I see,”.

“Nothing tells me my time that she cares even a bit,
Of my existence in you and your existence for her,
If my love means nothing, Oh’, time you and I are,
Nothing but curses in the grand scheme of life.”.

The bitterness gathered in mind even in saliva felt,
Oh’, I am not a cursing sage who lives in dark,
I am not a wicked man to become anyone’s curse,
I am just a man who loves you, my Little Boss.

A good thought that is, gave me a reason to sleep.

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Photo by Yuliya Kosolapova on Unsplash

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