The Disowned.

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Disowned by love, ah’, tremors of passion through veins ran,
Symbols of life all around felt, but, without her meanings unknown,
Oh’, the inevitabilities of cycles of life bring smiling faces to mind,
Faces never seen, yet, they are the pleasantness of the present.

There is a demon for every human who into heart whispers,
The opposite of reality, the opposite of good, Oh’, evil they are,
Stray away from those whisperers they live mostly in the minds,
Of friends, relatives, and well-wishers who will deliver you to hell.

I promise no heaven on Earth, I promise no path to heavenly gates,
For, I remember not, all the good I did as all good I know became,
The face I remember with a God-given gift to write a verse a day,
Oh’, heaven on Earth is a love-filled heart, love perfected for you.

Discarded by the world as a meaningless ghost, ah’, wandered,
Oh’, seen, a lot of journeys by pretty faces to find love perfected,
With raised head among them walk with a feeling of pleasantness,
I have loved and perfected it for her, the one who disowned me.

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Photo by Ivan Karasev on Unsplash

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