The Bad Patient.

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Night-time squeezed the skin tight and shrunk the flesh,
The cold made me wrap myself into the warmth of comfort,
As from deep inside the nostrils drooled fluids on to throat,
Irritated throat made me cough that even scared neighbor’s dogs.

Medicines yearned to be consumed but another layer of dust fell,
Upon them I avoided, ah’, science and I have a love-hate relationship.
Oh’, green tea and honey gave me comfort like the wrap gave comfort,
Pain all over and fever made me drown and round like a cat I slept.

Thoughts about the end of life and life after haunted me,
The usual that to me comes when sickness grabs me by the throat,
None wants to be sick and when sick all cravings come,
Food, walks, workouts, and above all those fantastic showers.

The drowsy meds so untimely taken brought more sleep,
And when waking up sweating a half-real dream I saw,
Where my face held by the Sweetest Darling my life yearns,
Her touch, with smiles engraved, ah’, the greatest healing.

Waking up I turned on the fan and from brows wiped,
Sweat that told me, the sick days are behind me and her,
And the days to come will find ways in every corner of life,
Healing on this bad patient and the love of his life.

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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