A Tragedy To Celebrate.

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Oh’, many, many battles humans fought,
For good, bad by good and bad, won and lost,
Many battles without weapons fought,
Most lost, some won ah’, the successful wrote history.

Emotions wept, then in gladness celebrated,
Love brewed from the soul and spread to every vein,
Senses united and saw lover in a new view to mankind,
The successful romanced, the lost lovers wrote poetry.

Gathered every bit of my thoughts, Oh’, she loved inside,
Her world, her perceptions, her convictions all stood against,
And into the darkness of her mind the love for me she pushed,
What is success or failure? Ah’, deviation from conventional can say.

Conscience, friends, relations all united to speak for my peace,
Oh’, I asked no questions for I have no doubts to clear,
My mind cleared the moment I saw shine in her eyes,
So the rest of my life I will give her the best of me.

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Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

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