The Unapproachable Dream.

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Today came to me from the pulse of yesterdays,
Where you and I for love of each other gathered,
The unpredictable, the unknown, forever in waiting,
But love was an unapproachable dream that faded.

Yesterday looked at today with fantasy and smiled,
Ah’, the unbearable irony of the dynamics of life pained,
Yet, in it all the shell stays a pearl showing value and beauty,
Such a timeline with events filled ah’, lucky you and I, called it life.

Oh’, tomorrow is a road today looks at as the journey continues,
My legs thrived for the warm caress of the dust and air,
And my arms wept for the emptiness left in hand by fate,
As the unapproachable dream cannot be seen at all.

Still, the fingers stretched into imaginary warmth and sweat,
Filled with love and care only in the heart of you can birth,
Is this another passing image that sets with the autumn sun?
Or Is this the start of the fulfillment of that unapproachable dream?

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Photo by Mak on Unsplash

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