The Disappeared Dancer.

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Sadness found a grave in me and rested,
As silence found a grave in my dreams,
Where you and I in the joy of times danced,
In the pulse of time in gravity as our rhythm.

The sweetness of gladness received shined,
As the dancers danced and danced and merged,
In their love for each other as the world seen,
Only one through fate pass and in mockery screamed.

The disappeared dancer, Oh’, only through love seen,
None around with love looked and saw his lonely dance,
And the rhythm of life, Ah’, none can figure and all laughed,
Yet, you laid in my arms and danced as a fulfillment of a dream.

Material life a silhouette of reality but the detail missed,
The senses of all around you who never saw your love,
And the avoidance of your critics so brutally erased,
Me from your hands and alone in the eyes of the world you stood.

Stich the dream, Oh’, you the darling as the symbol of my love stood,
Only you and I can see dreams of the romance of each other,
Oh’, let us unite in togetherness than divide in forgetful fabrications,
The world loves to laugh at but make the world proud to be in our era.

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Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

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