The Fighter II

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Days started alike, days ended alike, nights darker remained,
Hollow became the dreams that are meant to be fulfilled,
Hard became the breath that keeps the pulse in heart,
And the pulses fought hard to keep the love for you, Little Boss.

You are to me not a castaway who smiled before drowning,
You are to me an essence of a million dreams all growing,
Deep inside of you and I, love that symbolizes the feelings,
Of a millennium of springs, warm, bright, and color filled.

Every bit of creation of God we see holds a life of its own,
Life through experience that became known, many unknown,
You are to me is such an experience of many unknowns,
You are to me a monument of all knowns, Little Boss.

For in the pulse of my heart I feel the fighter who fights,
Every second of the day to repel every other feeling,
Other than the love that through the universe spreads,
That knighted fighter is you my darling, my Little Boss.

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Photo by Victor Ene on Unsplash

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