To Survive The Unknowns Ahead.

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The world in all its awe wide and spread,
Time traveled through the world dragging her foot,
Still the aroma of freshness of all creations,
Blossomed in the past of mist and mystery.

Ah’, days of childhood how wonderful they were,
Days I learned the ways of the divine,
Days that brought me this far,
Days that melted the mists of morrows,

Thousands of reasons stood, gazed, screamed,
And many wept in protests for what they disagreed,
All caused chaos, confusion but above all in many ways,
Gave me a smile to survive the unknowns ahead.

“Oh’, God, I pray that among the unknowns be not love,
For I know from childhood till this day I loved,
From here to the hereafter let me love that one soul,
You brought to my eyes and ears, giving me hopes on hopes.”.

With that prayer memorized I woke from a dream to find,
The most beautiful morning with snow-covered domes,
The warmth of the thick and soft blanket gone,
But the warmth of love between her and me remained.

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Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

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