Loving A Mindless Poet.

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Pleasure this mindless poet sought,
Dreams extended into half-grown reality,
Chasing after the unreal with athletic vigor,
No past haunting, uncaring present, unknown future.

Passion filled through the world wandered,
A world where the wicked looked nice and wise,
Lost the ways and many bridges behind burned,
That unknown future broke me faster than expected.

Empty hands, empty mind, eyes full of tears,
Doubt-filled looks even from those trusted me most,
Drowning respect and a compassion-less world,
The fall of mine celebrated and the crowd left in laughs.

Then her eyes I saw and all my emptiness erased,
The pleasures I sought all looked colorless and odd,
As my passions, to romance with compassion she tuned,
And through love-filled smiles made herself my only pleasure.

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