The Unwritten Lullaby.

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The falling rain, Oh’, spoke a language unknown,
Through whispers heard between the droplets,
Ununderstood maybe the poetry that unrhymed,
Yet, the felt sadness rhymed as it blended in chorus.

Romancing life, Oh’, into the kaleidoscope of tragedies fell,
Every beginning a wonderful pattern in imaginations kindled,
When closer to reality reached, Ah’, patterns rolled,
And left with a handful of shattered glasses of many colors.

The drowning dreams from memory pools one last time tried,
To shine bright and give a smile, Oh’, you so brutally erased,
You, my dear the blessing I sought who cursed yourself,
To be the palindrome of curses my life till end of times carry.

About hopes, about gladness, about sadness ah, quartets I wrote,
Storm after storm borrowed their beauty and wiped my tears,
Yet, time came through days like drops of rain or falling flurries,
Unknown to all a rhythm they all gave for an unwritten lullaby.

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Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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