The Wedding Gown.

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When heartfelt I wrote ah’, you heartlessly mocked,
Silent impulses deep in the folds of heart remained,
Life, like a screaming dragon, flew around spitting fire,
Ah’, days of romance took a turn into a new season.

The days, Ah’, days of fall unfurled a vicious cycle,
Where dreams through veins passed frozen darkness,
Romance fought hard and inside belly lay defeated,
Those butterflies lost their wings, rotted, and disappeared.

“What did I cry for when birthed?” I asked,
What dreams in that womb I saw, I questioned,
What lessons in childhood, adolescence, and youth did I learn?
Asked many “What”, “Why”, and “How” questions into silence.

And silence indeed I found in everything living and unliving,
As touch of love they abandoned in a shallow grave,
Dug in haste, thinking life is just a shadow that will leave,
When lights of truth around one will soon spread.

The acts of love Ah’, what a fictional drama,
Lived through rolls of mind-altering smoke and intoxicants,
The paints of faces and the color-filled costumes all add,
Perfection upon bodies where the mind finds prisons to hide.

Such are the thoughts the unfolded season of fall gave,
And the laughs of many prisoners this true love heard,
I cared not except the one whom with love I called,
The one who added a wedding gown over her masquerade.

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Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash

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