A Lesson She Taught

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All the lights of night in the brightness of her eyes faded,
Ah’ this is not a dream as the pot hole I stumbled,
Poetically gave pain which in a moment erased,
When dreams about togetherness in depths of mind weaved.

Daybreak prayed for me to gain her gaze,
Ah’ those prayers with the dew melting failed,
Bright morning sun for me to be her wish prayed,
Those prayers by the clouds from north consumed,
And as snow all around her showered.

With no prayers to her I approached,
With no intentions her welfare I asked,
The pebble in the stream in rolling sounds said,
“Wait not O’man wait not,
For her life to material life forfeited,
Her senses to the feeling of love forever sealed,
No learning of any kind to paths to you she can learn,
So speak no ill of her,
See not the bad of her,
And wait not for her love.”
And the pebble rolling and rolling sang,
Sang a song of prayers to save my soul.

Mindless to become I tried,
But nothing in my life I learned shown,
How to be mindless, uncaring and hurtful and walk away,
Oh’ through her eyes her soul I searched,
And to her from the depths of my soul I whispered,
The way to life from soul in spirituality live,
And to material fulfillment in paths united to eternity.

At her the sweetness of poetry every day I sang,
Teaching her to live from soul not from heart,
To her in verses I spoke,
To live a life taking what one needs,
Not what one wants and dreams,
Every bit of life to her in living I’ve shown,
Oh’ every lesson the pebbles and winds to all corners took,
And the world learned and waited,
Waited for the lessons of purity she can teach,
Lessons of life to her in every way I explained,
She taught none as in through her material ways she danced,
And every bit of true love from her she erased,
Then she taught a lesson none ever want to learn,
Ah’ she taught me well how to cry in silence.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2011.

The Fallen Lover.

Oh’ I look at those eyes with tears in my eyes filled,
And think about the days, in which I loved,
Though the merry feelings in my heart you left,
Brings image of you stand holding the light in your hands,
Light upon your face reflecting,
Those lovely lips, straight nose upon which some shadow fell,
Those rose colored cheeks, pointy chin,
Irregular eyebrows, brown hair in candle light as reddish seen,
But those eyes as little shiny ones in the image I see,
But deeper than the vast outer space mankind ever known,
Now in that image I see no love in your eyes for me,
No love in your eyes for me O dear,
All I felt, misunderstandings of a mind lost in fantasy.
Tired hands never rose to wipe away those tears.

Why did I loved you, for what I loved you,
Oh’ God, why did I ever met her and took her in my mind,
And cared for her more than anyone ever cared for her,
From falling in love with her Oh’ God why you never stopped me,
If ever the charm of that soul I ever swayed,
Oh’ forever in my own curse, my life will crush,
As for the wonderful soul she is no forgiveness I deserve.

Never for her words will I wait,
As forever I will remain in dark searching for more darkness,
And forever my own shadows I will curse,
For the wishes, hopes, dreams and my moth eaten soul,
Filled with only her image and love only for her.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

Warmth, Like From The Light Of A Glow Worm

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Sealed in heart images unborn,
Sold to the world feelings of love in verses,
And the world betrayed, Nothing in return gave.
The violence as the same stayed,
Romance a myth became,
Truth in mistrust dissolved,
As echoes of a heartbeat misunderstood,
As the drumbeat of obsession.

The valor of the winner he know not,
The storms of jealousy he survived,
Deeper and deeper life drowned,
As hopes in sincerity spoke,
About the magnificence of the present,
About the yester years lost
But dissolved in the eyes of her,
When about the future he asked.

Dreams like a parasite grown,
With an iron grip around the soul clutched,
Wants never matched the needs,
As mind a halo upon the body crowned,
A halo of unfulfilled dreams in yester years lost.

The eyes of her with his past wreathed,
The past of him with shadows covered,
Those shadows the leftover filth of his dark past,
Ah’ in action and thoughts the material life of him crooked.
In him grew a master thief,
Without any knowledge of another he can steal,
Then like a rat hide and like an angel smile,
For the fun of self like a devil he betrayed.

The mystery of a perfect liar,
The magic of the cunning fox,
All his talents at the world he used,
To walk through the alleys dark,
Lust filled nights with laughing whores shared,
Romance for sex fulfillment he used,
Then like a used cloth away thrown,
Mangled conscience of women he used.
Truth and faith never a place found,
In his dictionary of life with lies and crookedness filled.

From darkness for the light he searched,
And the light of life from her soul he saw,
The meaning of truth with ink of her innocence written,
Oh’ those words his sins of past away they pealed,
But those fiery wreaths burned her eyes,
And the truth of his love for her, blinded.

Past cannot be a fantasy forgotten,
Future cannot be built on past,
All meanings by the present derived,
And fools don’t understand,
The present we dwell on was,
An unpredictable moment in a dream in past we saw.
Oh’ among those fools he walked,
As a blind man as darkness among them danced,
Warmth like from the light of a glow worm he felt,
Followed it and light without fire he found.
Light in a soul, with character of greatness filled.

Every moment from the moment he saw,
Her with eyes only through sins till now passed,
Forgiveness to Almighty again and again he asked,
As in the glow of her soul he felt,
The divine touch of God in glory none else found.
Though her love he never earned,
Though her hands he never touched,
The sanctified feelings through her showed,
Erased all the ways of sins from his life.

Ways passed by like serpents in hurry,
Time passed by, to him and all else, unknown,
Imaginations beyond the realms of senses grown,
Though darkness filled empty minds and crushed,
Heart and veins as uncared and unloved he wandered,
Even in the scorching summer sun unloved man frozen felt,
As a love filled world all around squeezed,
He chose ways of loneliness though unbearable,
As in the utmost periods of desperation he felt,
Warmth, like from the light of a glow worm.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

Photo by Annie Niemaszyk on Unsplash

The Frustrated.

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Edges of life so sharp felt,
As night in many ways tried,
To bridge the gaps with darkness known,
But from far, further than imaginations known,
Further than night and day can cast spells come,
The light from stars unknown to mankind,
Oh’ at that Angel I said,

“Meanings of love so many ways defined,
Meaningless they sprouted all around like weeds,
And they flowered to became mankind’s worst enemy,
As female lovers scream worst than passionless whores,
And twist and turn in the madness of drug bitten tunes,
They are the queens and the mongrels who follow are kings,
Still to this world mercy and blessings of Almighty you bring,
Oh’ none knows the light, the never ending light of kindness”

The stars brighter than in any other night shined,
The nightingales in melancholy sang,
The mind for silence yearned,
The dragnet of fate from all around tightened,
The historical inevitability from all around squeezed,
Tears in the eyes of future moms filled,
And bastards conceived and as future generation hailed.

How lucky I am I knew not,
How wonderful the world we live I now know,
Bitterness is yet another reason for me to know,
The blessings many turn to curses,
And call it moments to cherish in life.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

From Being A Total Loser.

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Photo by AJ Robbie on Unsplash

The orphaned childhood all alone spent,
Obedient, disciplined yet by all neglected.
Many times to scream he tried,
But stopped in faith and belief in the unknown God.

Every time in life he fell,
Nothing gave him any thought,
As through the constant prayer for betterment,
Every bit of negative energy in him, tarnished.

But adolescent years went by like a storm,
All he dreamt fell apart and what remained,
A pair of tear ducts ready to explode,
Even the girl he loved, smile-less bid farewell.

Disappointment replaced faith and astray he felt,
With his hands raised he said,
“Oh’ God in every failure of mine to you I turned,
And away from me your face you turned,
The world in which choices to me you gave,
Oh’ maybe those choices you never liked,
But no seer of future I am and I never could,
Sure to find peace in disappointments I will try”

Never again his hands he raised,
As leaving all to help the poor he sailed,
Into the wild depths of Africa,
Ah’ people in those war-torn states carried,
Unbearable pain and scars un-healable,
There too an odd man in the pack,
As everyone at him with suspicion looked.

Night and day, in heat unbearable and thunderstorms he worked,
Helping the needy, feeding the poor, cooking for children,
And in it all he found the worst reality,
Of all the disasters from his past.
Though months among the oppressed he spent,
Still at a man of different color, language all looked,
Like a predator from some unknown planet came.
When war, politics and religion all mixed together,
Lost he all hopes and in pain aloud he cried.

Once more he learned in this world he don’t fit,
And left the civilized world for the wilder world,
In the wildest wild among creatures scary,
Trees high and tall and grass neck deep,
Snakes and crocs and beast of many sizes and color,
Among all a strange looking creature with an axe and knife,
He became orphaned again from all civility mankind made.

In the scorching sun for many days he walked,
Thunderstorms danced all around trying to scare him down,
Darkness howled along with an owl unseen,
Nothing came anyway close to the fear mankind gave.

Many days along the river he walked,
Again and again the long lost past in my playing,
In screams with thunders he competed,
In tears he beat the flow of the river.
A million times up at the sky he looked and asked,
“Why, why, why all that had happened, happened?
Why none of what I wished, hoped and prayed for, not happened?”

In a cave near a hill night he spent,
And one morn woke up hearing a growl,
Lion with blood filled eyes at him looked,
He took his axe to give one last fight,
But noticed the lion a lame one who can’t run,
Ran away from the cave to the deepest wild,
And the lame lion, hungry and tired in the cave stayed.

Wandering without sleep even at nights,
As that saved him from the food chain in the wild,
One day near a big tree all tired he fell asleep,
Big noise woke him up, this time Elephants,
A baby one got stuck in between two strong trees,
The mother Elephant trying hard to save her child,
With his axe near to the tree, mother and baby he went,
The mother Elephant stayed away as she knows well,
What an axe is for and what an axe can do.
Took him not a lot of time as the struggle of the baby helped,
To release from between the trees,
And the mother and baby in salute left.

Many, more days through jungle he walked,
Many times from many wild beasts he ran,
Seldom slept and one moonlit night on a rock he slept,
Then in a dream a sound he heard say,
“Didn’t I gave you food and shelter as an orphan boy?
Didn’t I saved you from a loveless heart?
Didn’t I saved you from the slanders of brutal minds?
Didn’t I saved you from the claws and teeth of many beasts?
What did you do for me in return? Shout aloud and cry,
For things and life not meant for you.”

He woke up in tears knowing the bad deeds he did,
Ran away losing all hopes as he knows no more living he needs,
Ran to the cave where he saw the lame old lion,
To give himself in charity to that lame old lion,
Oh’ there he found the lame old lion by hyenas killed,
And now he faced imminent death by the tooth and claws,
Of Hyenas who all in laughs and cries towards him came,
With a smile again up to the sky he looked,
“What will you do to save me from these beasts?” he asked,
He answered his own question
“Some unknown good I did I myself can’t remember”
Elephants from all sides came with loud cries,
And Hyenas ran away from him knowing,
They are no match for the big dark beasts.

All tired on the savannah grass he lied,
From there he saw the mother and baby he saved,
They walked a bit then stopped and back at him they came,
The mother took him and put him on her back and walked,
Lying on top of a lot of strength he understood world respect,
And the very many ways divine love works,
And remembered well the one good deed he did.

How many days he laid there he knew not,
How long the elephants kept him he knew not,
His mind went lightless, no thoughts came to him,
Then he heard the divine voice to him say,
“Why you ran before I finished my say,
All your sins forgiven for that one good you did,
Smile less may be the past that left,
Smile filled will be, the rest of the days”

He woke up in hospital bed in thankful tears,
Where to his surprise his pretty sweet heart he found,
The one who left smile-less now in all smiles and tears hugged,
She told him how much she searched for him as she lately learned,
What true love means and no differences of any kind matters,
When love is from the depth of heart in all sincerity,
He hugged her again and again and kissed her,
Then held her close and tight and up he looked,
Then upon his face a smile spread,
A smile of that kind for the first time in his life he felt.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash


The Floating Effigies.

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The small waves upon the foot rolled,
As face by the wind caressed,
The floating lilies around facial reflection danced,
As a smile with sarcasm filled, upon my face sprouted.

The ripples like dragon tails wagged,
As some rooster from far, lust filled screamed,
Oh’ the echoes of those screams drowned,
And lilies their dance continued.

Sitting by the shore I remembered,
A poem in melancholic thoughts I wrote,
About poems of many kinds I read,
And that poem on a lily leaf I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

Walked I further, beside the lake in the evening sun glittered,
And a floating plank of wood I found,
I recited aloud a poem in gladness I wrote,
That poem upon that piece of wood I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

Oh’ past I remembered when Sun beyond west dived,
And many memorable lines upon dead leaves I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

All that brought a wonderful face in every corner of soul filled,
All those floating leaves, wood planks like effigies near to me came,
When about the realities I thought,
The poem of that future in short waves of lake I wrote,
And left into the woods with darkness filled.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Plea Of The Lost Lover

Solo dancer will you show me steps?
Steps expressed the feelings from your heart.
Oh’ follow I will upon those foot prints,
As first steps to your heart.

Serene Singer, will you hum a tune in your heart born?
A tune to this spring wind counterpoint,
Leaving loving feelings in the minds of all living,
For me to image your love in tune with my verse.

Silent lover a heartbeat of love will you give?
A beat with the feelings of this fading spring rhymes.
And blow life into every soul in hope,
A beat a billion more times for heart to beat inspire.

Sketching artist, will you draw the eyes of mine,
So that those eyes can look at you at least once in real,
As choices have taken you far,
Far away from my love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2018

Mind Of An Unloved Man.

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The taming of mind after the wild chase,
After her who still remains an illusion.
In emptiness I penanced,
For an unrealistic life ahead,
And her heart so elusive,
My mind elongated in time and space ran after.

I speak of no dreams anymore,
For they all were like viruses,
That ate out mind, leaving remorse.

I keep no hope in any day ahead,
As all hope disappeared in her silence,
The fear in me grew every day,
As the silence haunted, even in the bright-lit day.

She did not see the passion of her dreams in me,
Her illusion of love did not paint my face,
Every image in my eyes lost,
In the deep and dark dreams of the unloved,
And once more my own conscience laughed,
At me in the mockery of my loveless life.

O loveless I maybe after the wildest rides,
Uptowns to downtowns and to countryside,
I went after mirages of pathetic material life,
Though love alone is not life, I learned,
The love of a girl I will always miss.

Mind is a mystery mankind never learned,
Love is mystery my mind always hunted,
Though lost again love still remain,
Deep in the heart with every freshness known.

Then I felt a light breeze blowing from the west,
The wind touched nothing but me,
The hissing sound, played like a thousand violins,
By Nature deep into my ear and to my heart,
And the heart opened once more to welcome,
A new love in all her freshness,
Though darkness still holds its hard grip,
Up in the sky blink multitude of stars,
Making me pray for the darkness to hold on,
As a new star is born with my love for you,
Glowing to you in all colors you choose.

©LonelyPoet -2006 – From The Book Age Of Survival – Collection Of Poems.

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Her Image.

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Into the mind many, many times whispered,
There is no love in her heart for you,
There is no love in her heart for you,
Mind boiled and bubbled love for her,
And into every corner of the body screamed.

To be the love of her,
To be the blessing for her,
To be the gladness of her,
To be the honor of her.

With the mind for reasons unknown want to disagree,
Then mind into the eye of the heart poured,
A million colors and painted her face,
Then my heart whispered into the material me,
Why try to be selfish? Be all mind want you to be.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012

Photo by Qasim Sadiq on Unsplash

The Miner And The Gem.

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A millennium came, a millennium passed,
Days like the currents in the depth of an ocean flew,
Seasons flourished and then to hibernation went,
And worldly ways through spirit of life the miner learned.

Around the world to many places he went,
Then in the lands of the Americas he came,
All through his plight every moment he searched,
For that mine where the Gem of gems birthed and grew.

With all the tools and knowledge he searched,
In darkest of the darkness he searched,
In the middle of crowd he searched,
Then mined with tools and knowledge of the spiritual world,
Mined and mined with tools and knowledge of the material world,
Ah’ found he where Gem of gems grew.

Into the mining for the Gem he poured,
Every ounce of spirit and energy he got,
When sun shined, away his sweat he wiped,
When the rain lashed floppy hat he squeezed,
When the snow all around fell, the shovel he cleaned,
Ah’ when the flowers bloomed,
Along in his mind a smile sprouted.

Raw in the depths the Gem of gems stayed,
The miner moved closer and closer to grab,
But the Gem of gems has a will of her own,
As raw in the middle of dirt she wanted to stay,
Oh’ no matter how much rock and dirt the miner tried to move,
The Gem of gems away from him swayed,
Into the depths of inevitable chaos she moved,
In the rhythms of the madness of a cunning world she moved,
A dance the miner on his own will don’t want to stop.

The Gem of gems is not just another precious one,
What the miner found in not anything wrong,
No wrong to the preciousness of the Gems he ever done,
Only to make her more precious the miner tried,
Oh’ the miner only half way through can mine,
The rest, Gem of gems with her will must come,
But to his disappointment the Gem of gems stayed afar.

Then down and down she went,
A drowning from his knowledge of past the miner know,
Nothing he can do to but to watch,
The fall in all inevitability will come,
The Gem’s will Oh’ to remain in dark, in dirt and to destroy in dull.

All his tools to whither in weather the miner left,
As for him no past exist,
Without the preciousness of the Gem of gems,
All in present, meaningless, like ghosts stood,
And the first step away,
Future with emptiness welcomed.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash