A Little Lie.

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A Little Lie.

The rays of the evening sun said farewell,
With a light cool wind that came,
Over the dying flowers of last days of summer,
And filled in the nature, scents lost in the warmth.

Oh’ how silly to even think about her,
For another time, when inevitability long time back spoke,
Oh’ still a story weaved in mind that told a dream,
The story of love, the story mind loved.

She walked in tunes blown into her ears,
She spoke in the language of the heart,
She lived in a small town far, far away,
Felt her heart so near, such was the prettiness of her soul.

In the depth of her heart she felt,
The love of a man, whom she knows not,
Only from far he looked, only his words she heard,
Still she loved him from the depths of pretty soul.

On a day when nesting birds left,
When wind lost the cold and gained warmth,
He said in his words, his mind and his love,
In the happiness she felt all she forgot.

Days of love filled with beautiful smiles,
Nights of love filled with wonderful dreams,
Sleepless then both remained and showered each other,
Words of love, songs of love and in rhythms unknown,
They both danced hand in hand.

All her thoughts he knew, all his actions she read,
Every bit of each other they both felt,
In understanding so perfect as they never disliked,
Any thoughts, words or actions of each other.

Nothing stopped them from asking each other,
The formalities of society and a happy day to reckon,
Then forever they remained in happiness,
Vowing to each other the soul of each other.

The story was told in many different ways,
In different circumstances and scenarios,
Though many other faces seen in each others lives,
Still in the depths of heart, her smile remained.

But a truth known in every thought about her,
That none of the thoughts should ever become real,
But still love to think and in soliloquy tell,
A new tale about her love though I know,
It is yet another little lie.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2007 All Rights Reserved

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