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Not the best of the day today, but I will remember it for sometime. I got IM from my brother in India that my cousin is badly sick and was in ICU after her nervous system collapsed. She is now out of ICU but still bedridden and have hallucinations. She is one wonderful lady who leads a simple life, my prayers are for her and I hope you all pray for her too.

As for new poems I am still working on it but most of my day was spent on thinking about family and friends. Especially two of my best friends from school who are no longer alive. I always believed myself as a fearless person but these are times when I feel the fear of losing people I love from my life.

I am going to post another poem from my site LonelyPoet.Com.

Thanks all

Peace and Love.

The Poem.

From the first words of mine,
Step by step I thrived to you,
Sometime like an Arabian horse I ran,
Away from the mother tongue, so different,
Like a Roman fighter I fought,
To kill the inner and outer blocks I’ve had,
Nourished and adored the artist child in me,
With sounds of nature that aroused,
Visions out of dreams that kept me live,
Merging my senses on to you,
From the lusty passions I escaped,
But inside burns a desire,
That turns into pain that melts,
A heart and soul abandoned,
And throws senses to the limits of sanity,
Hiding the feelings and pain,
With a smile of sarcasm I welcome,
A world into my lonely life,
Life that circles in cycles of repetitions,
With morality torn and happiness gone,
When fallen tired in the whirlpool,
With thirst for perfection;
Blown into my senses like a cool wind in summer,
You came to me like a melody unheard,
Inspiring mind and soul to express,
The colors and sounds and taste,
In words that express the love in my heart,
Which none else will hear but,
The heart it meant to be will feel,
No matter how far,
No matter it’s dead or alive,
Verses so perfect will even make a frozen soul pray,
When even dust perishes away,
After the dooms day,
Let souls of great lovers hear,
Hear the echo of mine whisper you,
Until we all takes the eternal sleep.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the winter of 1999.
Creative Commons

This is the lyrics of a song called “Breaking My Heart” By a Danish band called Michael Learns To Rock. I heard this song when I was in India about 10 years ago. The reason why I am posting it here is one of my former collegue called about 3 hours ago and said, its over for him and his girl friend. I was out of speach for sometime and just now I remebered the song and thought many of the visitors may be interested in the lyrics of this song.

I’m on the floor
counting one minute more
No one to break the silence

Staring into the night
all alone but that’s alright
It’s the feeling deep inside I don’t like

There is no excuse my friend
for breaking my heart
breaking my heart again
This is where our journey ends
Your breaking my heart again

Here in my bed
counting the words you’ve said
They linger in the shadows

Coming home late at night
drunk again but that’s alright
It’s the look in your eyes I don’t like

There is no excuse my friend
for breaking my heart
breaking my heart again
This is where our journey ends
Your breaking my heart again

This is the lyrics I found on the web if there is any mistake in it please bear with me.

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  1. That is a beautiful poem. Those first two I have arent mine the third one that I just put up right now is mine I hope you like it I like yours they are so beautifully written (is that even a word? lol) I hope one day I can write like you maybe I will see ya!

  2. Best thoughts and prayers and Positive Vibes for your cousin.

    As for your poem – a great read, thank you so much for sharing.

    Sometime like an Arabian horse I ran,
    Away from the mother tongue, so different,
    Like a Roman fighter I fought,
    To kill the inner and outer blocks I’ve had

    Terrific and vivid image.
    Positive Vibes,

  3. no im just saying i hope one day that my poems are as beautiful as yours but maybe one day we will meet and not know it.

    as the two walked by each other
    their eyes meet
    and in their minds they knew
    they would meet again

  4. Wonderful poetry…

    Thanks for the comment! I always enjoy feedback. And yes, I am into photography as you can tell. Not all of the pictures I post are mine, but most of them. I just got a scanner, so I’ve been having fun with posting my photos!

    Thanks for subscribing. I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

  5. I’m  so sorry about your cousin.  According to everyone’s comments, she’s got a lot of prayers helping to support her (including mine.)  You said they were in India, right?  WOW.  You said you’ve been there, what’s it like?  (Are you from there?)  I doubt it’s much like the movies or anything; I’d much rather hear it from a real source.  

    About the two past friends, they meant a lot to you, didn’t they?  I lost two friends three years ago, if it makes you feel any better.  Their names were Heather and Ashley Joe Burgin.  Yeah, sisters.  One of them wasn’t even as old as I was (thirteen.)  Their grandmother had been driving them somewhere (it could have been the mall for all I know),  and a huge truck hit the car when their grandma pulled out at one of the intersections.  Her eyesight wasn’t too good.  She should NOT have been driving. 

    The worst part is, their grandmother survived.  She’s having to live through the knowledge that her two grand children died and SHE lived.  (Not that she didn’t have to go to the hospital.  They were all in a bad way.)  Their grandmother had loved those girls so much.  She used to spoil them rotten any chance she could get…

    It was super sad at the funeral.  (I’d met the sisters at a church summer camp thing), Ashley had been reading the third Harry Potter book that entire week.  In her casket, her parents burried her with her book.  Heather had all these stuffed animals in with her.  It was one of those experiences where you wanted to cry, but somehow seemed to have forgotten how…  

    I don’t know how long it’s been since you lost your friends, but hold on and keep to your wits. They may not be here physically anymore, but they’ll always be around in spirit.  You keep them alive with every memory you guys shared, and that truly is a beautiful thing.  I’m sure they wouldn’t want you upset on their account.  Never forget them, but continue to progress in life, and know there are people out in the world who truly care.  Comment ya later.

  6. Dear Poet~

    I’m thankful you feal the fear. That means you’ve had many special people in your life. How sad it would be if people all around you died and you never felt fear of losing them. The fear comes from the love of that deep relationship that you don’t want to end. But….truly, better to have loved and lost…than to never have loved at all.

    I prayed for your sick cousin this morning. Please let me know how she is doing. If you need anything….let me know.

    Hugs to you my friend~

  7. Sometime like an Arabian horse I ran,
    Away from the mother tongue, so different,
    Like a Roman fighter I fought,
    To kill the inner and outer blocks I’ve had”…..Very beautiful line.

    Thanks much for your comment. And I appreciate your suggestion.

  8. I’m so sorry about your friends.  That’s horrible…I hate it when lives begin to turn down hill.  It’s got to be SCARY to lose control of your life, and crash.  It’s really interesting about the whole India thing though.    Could you tell me what it’s like there?  Some day, I’m going to travel the entire world, you’ll see.  I’m going to be a hotel hopper, living in the most expensive hotels.  I’ll be on t.v., known at Ms. Eccentric, the newest author who just hit the Best Seller list!  (I’m going to be a free lance writer, you mark my words…) 

    Did you have dreams like that, when you were sixteen?  Or did you always want to work with computers?  What exactly do you do, anyway?  (Sorry if I’m being really nosey, but if you’ll remember as I’ve mentioned before, I am a VERY curious person!)  I hope your cousin is still alright, and is improving as I type.  Thanks for your comments!  Bye.   

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