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There is a calm out there, twisted confusion, crooked people, good people, happy people, sad people you name it they are all out there. But when walking through the mall I felt these are the moments truth. I survived that too.

What a day I had, well… nothing happened. All the things I thought is going to happen just procrastinated, when I was driving and got stuck at the first red light I know what this day is going to be.

Intuition… mine only speaks to me about the negative side of life. Well I am glad this day is gone now. The sun losing his hair looks like red bald monster. There is wind I don’t even know what direction it is blowing. But I am deaf…. I only hear my own whispers. Just got this one in my mind.


The Wandering Storm

Over the calm ocean dancing,
With fury and arrogance,
Is the storm that threatens everything,
His laughs are echoed around the horizon,
His anger thunder upon the strongest mounts,
His compassion rains and cools the valley,
Up he goes to kiss the sky,
Down he comes shattering everything beneath,
The naughty storm so unpredictable,
Changing speed, color and landscapes,
For months away he hides,
And swims back to fulfill his fun,
Many times unleashing the wrath of revenge,
Against the sins of the material world.
I watched him many-a-times,
I walked through him couple of times,
But I always laughed at the storm and with the storm,
As my understanding of all he is,
Takes me a step closer to myself.

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  1. love the poem you really know how to describe things with words. yeah i hope you dont mind but im printing off some poems to put on my wall i love poems so much i have to see them everyday so yeah tell me if you dont want me too. bye

  2. Are you nuts?!  I love long posts; never say sorry!  Your name is totally cool, and I really want to go to India now!  I’ll be sure to check out the sites you mentioned.  Have you had anymore information about your cousin?  I hope she’s doing alright now.  Type ya later!

  3. I forgot to tell you how cool your poem is!  I love storms.  Just yesterday it was thundering, lightening, and the rain was bludgeoning against my window so hard, I thought it might break!  Storms can be associated with many things.  Don’t you think?  It’s all how you read into them.

  4. Hey, I just checked out your site with the images.  That was so COOL.  I can’t believe that was actually you in all those!  Your entire family is beautiful!  You have every right to be proud of them, and yourself.  Photos really do hold tons of memories, don’t they?    I love climbing trees too, by the way!  Not many people know that because well, it’s not “cool” for a sixtten year old to do that.  Whatever…

    Anyway, you’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?  Of course, I can tell you’ve acheived a lot, too.  Is your sick cousin the same one who was sitting between you and your brother?  (Where she seemed afraid of you two.) 

  5. it helps to know that people are there for me <3 so thanks for being there <333

    your poetry as well as poetry in general also helps. so keep up the loverly work =]


    ps. The Wandering Storm , makes me think of a friend of mine. wonderous how i can relate to your poetry.

  6. poetry box,
    thanks for the comment, as everyone else says. any other suggestions on poems or if you want to see previous ones, just let me know. yaknow, last year i did actually write a poem that wasn’t coming from my anger or frustration or sadness..yaknow, something that came from just living, breathing….something out of every day. it was amazing. anyway, takecare. i’ll see ya around…

  7. Hey, at least she’s stable.  Blood clots are serious, but they are not always fatal.  Hang in there, I’m sure more prayers are on their way.  I would write more, but I’ve GOT to get ready for school or I’m going to be late!  Bye.

  8. Thank you for your comment in my site. I have family that are around your age, but they don’t understand that someone my age can feel the way I do about my boyfriend. You seem like a nice person. And I love poetry. I love what you’ve written on here so I’ll probably subsribe. Hope you don’t mind. Thank you again.

  9. Thank you for keeping me posted…I’m glad to hear that atleast she’s regained coniousness(spelling?). That’s a plus. But, I’m very sorry to hear the rest. I will continue to pray for her and the family. Please, keep me informed….If you ever wanna talk, feel free to IM me when I’m on. I do hope things work out for the best, whatever God has in store for her.

  10. not to be a jerk…but there is more to life than just–poety. It seems like your a little obsessed with “being a poet” like poetry defines you…please don’t be offended. alrighty..


  11. wow…i did not expect you to respond like that…thankyou. you are interesting poet, i mean your poems are interesting..

    i just don’t like poetry (anymore), nothing personal…

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