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Hi Everyone,

I am right now sitting in the Airport in Milan, Italy. I am on my way to New Delhi, India for my Visa stamping. I thought posting something before I leave Virginia. But a lot of things went wrong on the day of departure. But those things are all history now. I am here in Milan, looking at some pretty looking Italian women, listening to my favorite music and having a good cup of tea with great tasting cheese cake.

Many of you might have wondered what in the world happened to me as I always make sure that I visit most of your sites no matter what. Things became that busy there. I will get to each site of yours as time permits during this trip. Keep coming back here, I will be posting often even though I am in a long trip. Now gotta go as the WiFi hour I bought is almost over.

Hopes and Hopes On Hopes.
Looking back at the younger years,
Joy fills my eyes with tears,
The caressing words of the elders,
The unbelievable imaginations of the childhood,
Thrill of adventure in the teens,
The loving words of my best friend.
So happy I was and made others happy,
Seems all lost far beyond my grab,
None else to blame than myself,
When stunned before realties of life,
Where the crooked prevails and laughs all the way home,
Can’t go back to the fantasy world, though I wish I could,
But hopes and hopes on hopes,
Drags a foot of mine ahead.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was originally written in 1995 in India. Later was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the fall of 1998.

Creative Commons

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  1. I send you the best thoughts for this trip to go well, and be over soon.  The east coast will miss you and so will I.  Be safe, be strong, smile when you can at anything you can.

    Your poem I understand…looking back isnt always a good thing, we see what we didnt do or what we didnt do well, but yes…keep walking…forward always.

    I will keep you in my thoughts, and visit often.

    much love my friend,

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