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It is a tedious thing to pack everything up with a lot of uncertainity in mind. That is what I am doing now. I know my life is not as simple as many thinks and it calms down a bit that gives a fear in my mind. Then my life puts me into a drum and rolls me down hill. It then takes a while for me to get back to where I was and beyond then the fearful calm comes again and the whole cycle repeats. Now a days I enjoy the whole process except the calm, silence and darkness which I hate.
I wrote some lines today morning. Breaking my own tradition of waiting a while before posting it here. I am posting the short poem here. I hope from this you will understand how I feel.

Once again thanks a million for all the great supporting words and prayers. I am no stranger to you all anymore. For all your words and prayers, I pray to God to give me the strength and will to give you all the best I can when needed.

Faking Thoughts.

Noon time passing me by luring me to wonder,
Oh! I am in the middle of the day!
I remember the dawn like a second ago,
Time never pass by fast,
It’s the thoughts that fakes the illusion,
I still may think the same in the evening,
Talking about the thoughts that fakes,
But when thoughts pass through time,
Of which we know nothing about the beginning,
Of which we know nothing about the end,
I think everything is nothing,
But the pleasures of the faking thoughts.

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  1. Good luck and I hope it all works out…..

    RYC: I wasn’t writing the poem for a boyfriend (I don’t have one lol)….I usually don’t write things for anyone in particular and if I do, I make a note of it with the poem.

  2. That’s ok, no offense taken at the boyfriend part of your comment. lol

    Oh so the music links aren’t working for you either? I guess others are having trouble too. Hmmm, guess that means they changed the music files or something, so I guess it is time to find a new music site. I’ll let you know of any new ones if I find some with links that work.

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