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Today, independence
day, I am coming to an end of the so called “me” time. I am fine well
relaxed, may be over relaxed. I did not wrote a lot. I made a pdf
document with all my poems in it. 81 poems, filled in 88 pages, mmm I
need a lot more a good start and good end. The conflict is already
there. If you all get time visit LonelyPoet.Com and read all my poems
then you will understand what I am talking about. But I know you all
are busy people who don’t even get time to read your own email, yada
yada yada. That’s alright.

I’ve seen a lot of great
writers in xanga, I hope they all hold themselves up and publish their
works it will be a great contribution to literature. Just never give

This is a good day, a lot
of celebrations going on around. I am not going out anywhere I want to
talk to my mom, last time I talked to her who is in India she said she
have stomach pain and docs are going to scan her for kidney stones or
gallbladder stones. I am going to sit and watch Monk all evening in USA
network. I love that show. But that doesn’t mean I am going to leave
you all just read a boring post from me. Here is a little poem I wrote
in the spring on 1999.

This is a note I left on top of the post I made in my site when I first released it in LonelyPoet.Com in the spring of 1999.

poem written with a lot of thoughts about the moment I am going to hear
the words of love of my sweet heart. Those first words of love from her
sure will inspire another hundred poems.”

one I loved or I thought who is going to love me the rest of her life
did not said anything to me. So I stopped after about 26 poems. You
know now what is the conflict I was talking about earlier in this post.
There are a lot of unspoken things about that conflict. I will speak in
my verse, but I will never say anything about the identity of that
person. I still have a lot of respect for her.

Here is the poem.

My Love And Life.

In this world we live and die,
A world that’s beautiful to every eye,
A world in which great men and women were born,
A world that bares the ugliest cruelty,
A world that had seen great wars,
A world that had seen great famines,
A world that had seen heroes triumph,
A world that had seen great romances prevail and fail,
To that great and beautiful world,
When you held my hands and told,
I am the only one in your life,
When you closed your eyes and told,
You love me with your heart and soul,
I felt the whole universe dissolve in me,
The whole nature bowed before me,
I heard the birds sing for me,
I saw oceans becoming calm to hear me.
Oh My Dear,
With the faith that made a saint,
With the skill and knowledge that made a genius,
With the opportunity that made a man great,
I return my love and life to you.


Creative Commons

p.s. I changed the song.

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  1. Actually its funny that you mention that about publishing. I have found a self-publishing firm that will publish my book. All I need now is just enough collected works. I hope you had a great fourth of July, and I would tend to agree with you about what you said about the war in Iraq. I look forward to seeing you published and if it is possible will even buy acopy, you are an awesome writer. Peace.

    -Pilgrim of Truth

  2. just browsing and i found you. your poem is lovely. “I felt the whole universe dissolve in me, The whole nature bowed before me, I heard the birds sing for me, I saw oceans becoming calm to hear me.” so beautiful. nature does seem to be longing to please you when you love and are loved, doesnt it? im glad someone else noticed that.


  3. Beautiful poem. I’m glad you still have great respect for her that you’ve kept her identity hidden. I wish more people had respect for others too.

    Anyway, I hope that it won’t be so bad with your mother (Please _do_ contact her! I’m sure she’ll appreciate the gesture). And Happy Independence (well, late) day…Of course, in my mind, it’s _never_ too late to celebrate and or appreciate being (having) independence. We all take it for granted.

  4. Sir Lonely Poet,

    Thank you for the too-generous comment. It makes me happy that someone that I don’t know can read my work (which isn’t the greatest in the world, let me tell ya), and not tear me to shreds by saying that I am terrible, and I have no originality. I just like to write. And oddly enough, to be criticized–constructively, of course. So I thank you. And your prose is quite something…


  5. well let me start out by sayin another good piece of work my friend thanks for ur comment im glad u like my work sucks that u burned ur old stuff i luckily i have kept my stuff that i have written through time a copy is in folders the computer and disk from time to time i backtrack and read them 2 see what state of mind i was in especially the true ones sometimes lookin back into the past isnt all that bad it may bring back memrioes and all but we all must learn from heartache and pain sadly enough well take care

  6. well thank you i didn’t really think i was any good at writing but maybe i’ll post more of my stuff…the reason i was skeptical though was because some of my stuff can be kinda depressing i guess and i wasn’t really up to hearing what my friends had to say about it. but your comment made me feel better about posting my writings so maybe tommorrow i’ll have a new one to post…i liked your poem it was pretty good…oh and happy indpendence day.


  7. Ah, so english isn’t your native tongue? then what is? even if you didn’t learn this language first, you use it beautifully. if you go back farther in my site, there are several other poems, if you’d like to read them. i should be posting more soon. i’d like to know how to better my writings.

    and thanks again. you are too cool for school.


  8. All I can say is wonderful poem. “You love me with your heart and soul, I felt the whole universe dissolve in me”, this line alone just brightens me up a bit. Wonderful moment. Thank you for the comments. In reply to one of them,Yes, you’re outspoken but anything but ignorant. I always appreciate your thoughts and comments. I do agree, two dreamers can make their life better. As I asked another, “Don’t two dreamers make a potential reality?”. I would love to think so.

  9. Love – a four letter word way too many people just throw around as if it were nothing more than a word.  However, in poetry, it does hold much water.  Even if those words go unrequited.  As the saying goes, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.  Wonderful scribe!!!  Endearing as well


  10. This poem is so uplifting & reassuring. Despite all the travesties happening in our day to day world when two hearts truly connect, there is hope. 

    Regarding your commenst above the poem, my fingers are crossed for you 🙂

  11. Dear Friend~  Thanks for writing to me.  I appreciate your insight.  There are few words to describe the emotion I have as a mother.  My Children are priceless to me.  I hope someday you become a father. You will know then the unique love a parent has for thier children.  Truly an amazing life changing expierence.   When/If  that happens for you, I will enjoy the poems you will write as you watch your children grow.   May I please have your first name my friend?  I’m thankful for Xanga and the chance to get to know a fellow poet.   Take care ~ Kimmie

  12. Hi Honey. Im sorry that I have been away for a bit. The holiday and work has made things hectic. IM so glad you havent forgotten about me. I pray that all of your wishes come true. You deserve them and should be happy. You are a wonderful man, Have a great night Sweetie.

  13. thank you, very much. i am not so wonderful, not when i am angry or when i am sad. but then you probably know that. its funny you say i wrote everything well in a few lines – b ecause usually im notorious for embellishing too much. silly me!
    your friend-

  14. Wow…you are beautiful.  Your family is beautiful.  Thanks for sharing those pictures with me.  Your parents look very young in thier wedding picture.  I have to say your mother in so lovely.  A very beautiful woman.  You name is difficult for me to pronounce.  How do your english speaking friends say your name?  And …one last thing…i am curious,  you are so handsome….why have you not married?   You must be about 35 years old now.   Thanks again for sharing.  Thanks for becoming my friend.    Kimmie*

  15. i like your poem it is good…and yes i guess there was some hestitaion to mine but i wasn’t really sure what it was… like i had the idea for it but not sure how to word alot of it. so i guess that’s what happened but like i said it wasn’t my best.


  16. Well I was just browsing and i found you. Your poems are lovely..So beautiful..Very captivating..love them. Well…I figured i would tell you that…and now that i have..Take care. ::Amber::

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