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These are dull
days; most of the people are waiting for weekend. I am also waiting to
shut myself up somewhere. The busy days at work are almost over. The
project I am working on will start to wind down starting next month.
Stability is a myth in my life. But in another way I enjoy uncertainty.

following is a poem I wrote in 1999 and was posted in LonelyPoet.Com.
Even at that time I know it is not a complete poem as a part which I
said and wrote by my ex-girlfriend in a pad was missing.  Yesterday when I was unpacking one of my old boxes I found that pad.  I
was thrilled to find those lines I spoke and later written by my then
girlfriend, Jessica. I modified the original poem and added those

everyone who supports me through those wonderful comments. Before
ending I have to do this. My hearty condolences to the family of Capt.
Brad D. Squires who died in a road side bomb attack in
Iraq. I never knew him personally but through the tearful words of Kelly Miller now I know he is the man of the moment.

Here is the poem.

Real Love.

From the moment I understood the first words of care,
From that great loving mother of mine,
I thrust my faith on knowledge,
So lucky I was, getting it all, from all,
The true stories, the fictions and the life around.
I read, I wrote and I thought I felt,
Love from many, around me, some far away,
All left me without glimpsing the loving heart,
The ever loving mother still prays for me.

Pen never stopped scribbling,
When life extended to the other side of world,
I extended that life into verse,
But none of my verse shown light,
To the lover in me, who left me in dark,
But the looks and words of that strange girl,
Shown light to the lover in me, back to me.

 Into her ear I whispered my verse
“There is light everywhere filling the day,
Though not so bright still showing the night,
Day will fade into the dark of the night,
And night into the brightness of the day,
But the light you filled in my heart,
Will brighten my soul night and day,
And will show the path for our love to eternity.”

From her sleep my voice woke her,
And she beat my verse with these lines.
”Read all your poems again and again,
Loved them all, but found them as reflections of you,
I love the real poem god had written,
The poem I love most, which is you.”


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  1. as she opened her eyes she wondered what the world was like outside her windowpane. she had spent so much time counting all the raindrops falling to the dirt she forgot what it was like to truly step foot onto the grass. how is you can go your life and never know what its like to truly live? 

     i would tell her that beauty is in the drive she had, the smile she got when she knew the next morning would be different

    the mildew on top of the blades of grass would sink inbetween her toes

     not even knowing if she would ever come home again

  2. Good morning Sweetie. You totally took me off guard. I was not expecting those beautiful words about Brad in your post. Now Im crying again. You have to warn me about these things…lol. It really means alot to me. Your heart is so big and pure and I love you for it. Thanks to you eternally. Your friend , Kelly

  3. sounds like a lovely poem person.- there are so many poems in the world you know! walkign around in every color skin and grinning so many beautiful smiles! (or upside down ones.)
    isnt it funny but the boy in my poem is not a real boy- so i am nto sad.
    life is so much more than a bunch of days- it is a bouquet of every beautiful flower- breath, joy, peace, anger, death, birth and a little of the stars that makes it msell so good. but i am not sad about someone kleaving because i Have noone To leave. i think i was writing about the idea of a boy- what i wish was there.
    its silly i know.

  4. As though I have nothing to say

    You turn to walk away

    Now I’m left with the memories i hold

    Becuase the look on yuor face was so very cold

    *Thanks for the comment- yes, Iv’e written poetry since I was about 11…                     

  5. Thank you so much for your comment. It made me want to cry. No one has ever said something that sweet, poetic, and.. I dunno meaningful to me before. Even though it was just over the internet, it really touched my heart…. thanks…

  6. I’ve been busy with life stuff the last few weeks. My Son (the U.S. Marine) surprised me and came home to visit before he takes off for Ohau, Hawaii on July 10th. *sigh* *sad….deep…sigh* I love my children and they are all growing up and away from me. Wish I could have kept them longer. Life is moving way to fast for me my lonely poet. Where did the time go?

  7. Your comment was incredibly sincere and I must thank you for that. I do agree, individuals tend to downgrade themselves into a sour level and look for another soul who is in that level they have belittled themselves to. I saw that very thing occur with all of my siblings. I try to be in truth to know I am not all too sour. It’s just an ephemeral feeling that floats by every once in a while. For the girl in that poem, she would easily care to love someone of her same bitterness.

  8. This was beautiful. I especially liked the heart felt tribute to Kelly’s cousin in the beginning. It’s so important for all of us to keep the soldiers in our thoughts & prayers. Thank you!

  9. Confucious say: Huh?

    LOL, ok I am being silly. I was wondering why everyone was leaving quotes…so…well nevermind. LOL. Anyhow, lovely poem….your writing is a sight to behold…

    P.S.: I like that movie, “City Of Angels.” Nicholas Cage is awesome in that! My favorite song on the soundtrack is Alanis Morrissette’s, “Uninvited.”

  10. first off i would just like to thank you for all your wonderful comments to me
    you are always so inspiring and a voice that i always hope to hear

    “From her sleep my voice woke her,
    And she beat my verse with these lines.
    ”Read all your poems again and again,
    Loved them all, but found them as reflections of you,
    I love the real poem god had written,
    The poem I love most, which is you.””

    the way you described true love…
    makes it seem like something real

    i love the last stanza by the way.
    for poems are who we really are

  11. ps. ” Pen never stopped scribbling,
    When life extended to the other side of world, “


    my favorite line. i really enjoy your writing because it doesn’t always rhyme.. i like things like that, like life, a little flawed, but perfect and beautiful in itself.

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