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haha many said, I am not a loser. Now it’s looks like anything or
anyone I support also will end up being losers. Poor Packers lost again
today. I had this hope of them getting their act together. And I
thought they are going to pull this one off. Too late, it was too
late. It is too sad to see Favre walking away with his head down. I
hope they get their act together and get some wins and end this season
decently. Any Packers fans in my list, pray for them. They need a lot
of prayers.

Copy of my update in LonelyPoet.Org

Today is one of the two days about 14 days
prior to the month of Ramadhan we fast. So as usual I did not slept at
all last night I was up after 5:30AM and then went to sleep. I ate some
food at about 3:00AM. So the hunger part is kinda getting on to me now.
But I am not tired at all.

I slept till about 12:15PM and
afterwards in thoughts, about many things, but nothing special at all.
I am still not done with Tess Of The D’Urbervilles Poem I am writing.
It is still looking at me. I don’t think the promised date of October
1st is going to be met as of now. Well I will try anyway. After all
what is the harm if it is not done. Tess’s ghost is not going to haunt
me for that biggrin.gif

This is for her whose love is unattainable.

Anger, frustration, sadness and annoyance,
These were all I was able to deliver,
To your days and nights,
Unknown to me the meaning of your words.

My meaning is unknown and I never searched,
But it was love I intended to give and gain,
And make our life a meaningful passage,
Time will endure everlastingly.

(End- Copy Of Update)

I am just finished watching this movie. I bought both movies based on
Thomas Hardy’s novel. To be frank with you, I did not liked the ending
of both the movies. But I would advice anyone interested in the story
to see the 1980 Roman Polanski’s adaptation of the book. Though not
perfect, Nastassja Kinski’s performance is amazing. Polanski with the
limitation of time and space did a remarkable job. Though some part I
wished to see was not even mentioned it still creates an effect. I’ve
seen the Polanski version a while back in 1998 it was a bad cassette
and had a whole lot of problems in watching the movie.

 The A&E edition of the BBC production gives a little more
detail but still sucked with the ending. Justine Waddell is no Tess.
She looked too old for the role still the Anna Karina girl did her best
especially towards the end of the movie. But screwed up the last words
“I am Ready”. I laughed out loud when I saw her saying that because it
was that bad.

As it was a fasting day and now finished my fast, I need to prepare for
tomorrow. Like I said in my post earlier I may not be able to finish
the poem by that deadline. It is a deadline because Octorber 3rd
Ramadhan starts and all my other activities comes to a halt for a month
usually. Poetry is the language of the heart, I pray to God not to be
angry with me for giving poems away for free to some of the wonderful
people ever lived. So don’t worry.

 As for that small poem it is an eight liner I wrote today it is
meant for someone special. I hope she sees it and understands it.

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  1. You made perfect sense with your comment. Not a loser indeed. You’re a great mind and heart. I desire the same. Love and passion but it seems like only an illusion. Perhaps because we poets may have an expected, idealistic concept of what we want love to be. We tend to be dreamers and reality is much different. Perhaps that is just me. This is certainly my issue.

  2. Usually I try and have a very deep thought to give but today all I am going to say is that the Packers are going to need a lot more than prayer 😉 Just kidding.

    Interesting though on the fasting, I have never heard of it. What does it signify? Peace.

    -Pilgrim of Truth

  3. well thank you thank you…i tried my best to get it from the heart….because i was hurting, well i wasn’t hurting hurting but i mean ahhh i just hate how you tend to tell people things and they gotta tell everyone it’s so lame errr and they’re close friends too errr

  4. i tried fasting once
    and it was only for four days no eating only drinking water
    and then i almost passed out.

    i wish i knew what i truly was so it were not quite as much of a blank space.
    but if my life brings one more person the beauty of having GOD in their heart, i would die without a fight. i would die without a thought of fear. i would die smiling.
    but i think i will always cry.

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