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This day the 29th day of Ramadhan is important to me.  When I was young I missed my father a lot, as
he was away from us in his business place. Once in 6 months he will come for
couple of weeks. Then in 1988, age and diabetes kinda got to him and he came
back to our little town and lived there with us. At that time I was first away
in another city doing my graduation and once I graduated I came back to town
but day time I spent most of the time in the big city nearby with my friends as
well as getting trained on computers. Surprisingly my father who spent most of
the time away was always eager to know when I came home. He never told a harsh
word at me. He never beat me or scolded me. Always soft spoken, a man I know
otherwise very short tempered and brutally strong. The only thing that upset
him at that time was me getting angry at my nephew for some reason. My dad
hated anyone saying anything bad or getting angry at my only sister’s children.
From 1988 till 1993, without giving one lecture he had shown me what a father
is supposed to be. Filled my life as a father till that time and another 150
years. On that fateful day after he gave charity money to all the poor he retired
for the night. Later that night he complained about breathing problems. We
tried our best to get him to the hospital but even the best of the doctors were
not able to save him. He died in 1993 of a massive heart attack. Because of the
diabetes he never felt the pain. Today is his 12th death

  I am a little pissed off, I lost my phone. It is like losing
my girlfriend to an unknown guy. I spent $300 on that PDA phone. It’s not the
money or the data in there that matters. I loved it. I am not pissed off at
anyone but me..
Update: Ramadhan is over. Tomorrow is Eid..  

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  1. lovely tribute to your father. . .and the cell phone thing. . .been there. . .pretty soon they’ll have rehab groups for cell phone and email addicts. . .i’ll be the first on the list 😉

  2. The explaination of your connection to your father is beautiful. It’s something that makes me wish I knew what having a dad was like.

    As to your cell phone, I hope that you find it again soon. I know what it’s like to lose those…but never one so expensive.

    My luck goes out to you.


  3. What a beautiful story you have told of your father. I wish I had that type of closeness with a father figured. I was adopted and never knew my birth father. I was not close to my adopted father due to divorce. I missed that alot as a child. You were very lucky. I hope your day goes well and you find your phone. I would be lost without mine.


  4. It sounds like a really rotten day. I’m sorry about your father…and your phone. I really do hope that things start to make you happier very soon. Bad memories, painful anniversaries…they always seem to being about the rain.


  5. My father left my mom and I three months before I was born. I’ve never spoken to him in my life, but recently my mom has contacted him and they’ve been talking a little. He sent a picture of himself, so I got to see what he looks like as well. Thanks for the kind words from your end as well. It means a lot. I get to see my dad later this year…I’m anxious and nervous for that day to come.

    My mom, on the other hand, is starting to get happier again (I think.) She’s starting to settle on the fact that she’s probably going to get a divorce, but she’s not as angry all of the time now. I don’t like to see her unhappy at all; it makes me extremely sad.

    Thank you for calling me “Mo Cushle.” It means a lot to me as well. I wish there was something I could call you in return to show you how much I appreciate it.

    I hope your days are as bright as possible.


  6. I would never delete an E-Card sent to me, especially not one from a good friend such as you. I will open it immediately following this post.

    …and then I fear I must sleep, for I’m falling asleep in my chair. I shall definately read that poem of yours tomorrow evening and give your name thought all day tomorrow before then.


    P.S. I love the music Howard Shore creates, the songs he creates are some of my all time favorites.

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