Old Wine In New Bottle.

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A tiring day that’s all I can say about today. I was on and off that’s
the way it went with internet. Hehehe. I am loving this lifestyle. I
get free breakfast, free dinner for four days a week. My company pays
me about $50 everyday for food. The funny part to all these is I am on
a subway diet haha. Most of the $50 is a saving. The company also pays
the hotel bill, parking and even laundry money. Isn’t that cool?
Everyday a pretty girl comes in and cleans my suite spotless. That’s
the best part I like, because in the matter of cleanliness I am ‘Monk’
haha. God bless these people. Haha.

 I didn’t write a
single line these two days. I was sleeping in the morning. Earlier
today I did posted a poem in LonelyPoet.Org. I am posting it here as I
know my Xanga family have serious issues with most of my other sites.
That’s Okay, I don’t care who goes in there and reads my postings
there. I am the “Lonely” Poet isn’t it?

  This poem took
its course through time, that’s what I say about it. It was written
during a birthday party in Kansas in 2002. Afterwards I thought I will
add some more lines to this poem. The weird thing is I might’ve taken
this for modifying this poem may be a hundred times. But I couldn’t add
even one line. In the end today morning I modified one line. Here it is.


The wind has left the town,
The light hidden from view,
Of minds in colorless dreams,
Silence lingers like a parasite,
Nothing goes deep but slowly moves,
As if in fear of being chained to souls,
And many uncared souls lost,
In the fantasy of the unloved.

Freedom is the curse of the loving heart,
Fear is the curse of the lonely heart,
There are no more ways ahead,
Only gulfs between islands,
In the fragile world of minds,
Where a look or word unpleasant,
Widens the gulfs to unconquerable oceans.

How many more bridges I need to build?
How many of them burned behind?

7 Replies to “Old Wine In New Bottle.”

  1. ive burned a great amny bridges
    like an Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge
    maybe ill hang for it someday.. but i doubt it 😛
    im flattered that you say as much about my poems
    although im inclined to believe you would say so anyways… you would say wonderful things about my writing whether or not it was decent just because thats the sort of person that you are. nonetheless…
    it made me feel better.
    i admit it.

  2. Eh, poems…on my site? I would do so when I can really sit down and have the time to just type.

    OR I could wait (as I usually do) and become inspired. But that happens when it happens. I don’t control those. Those are the ones where my poems are the best. The ones I just make up usually suck. Eh, anyway, I’ll try to have a poem or something sooner or laters. ^_~

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