Replacement Friend.

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{UPDATE Nov, 11, 2005. I am going to relax a bit today. So forgive me for not commenting again. By the time I updated LonelyPoet.Org
about what I am doing I am feeling sleepy, haha. If interested visit
the link and read that post. Well… I just wanted to tell everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend.}

A short work week that consumed me
almost entirely, but there were those little break times which enjoyed
haha. Work is good, at least I can still write programs in  COBOL
than creating designs and specifications for some JAVA guy. Well the
second one pays more money. Hehehe.

I wrote this poem when I was
in Miami, in frustration about a relationship that took a different
turn than I expected. I had kinda romantic feelings to a lady which I
kept in my mind but did not told her. We were friendly and that part of
us grown well. In the end my procrastination paid the price and she
moved on to another guy. At that time I realized that the
procrastination really was good as she was using me all the time as a
“replacement friend”.

Now ‘replacement friend’ is a phrase I
recently read in a post written by Sam in her site. At that time I
remembered about this poem I wrote about seven years back. After some
really weird searching I found the poem in my LonelyPoet.Com site
itself as unnamed.
Here it is.

Thoughts About Untold Love.

Every day waking up in surprise,
That another day own my step ahead,
Most of the days went by in the wrath,
Of the untiring little star nearby,
And evenings were filled,
With the grave dance of the thunderstorms.

Most days thoughts about love never woke up,
But bury deep in mind asleep,
With my untold love searching unseen dreams,
Some days when my untold love wake up and weeps,
Don’t know how long will I say,
“What can a helpless poet do?”
Oh’ do I deserve to wipe those tears,
Or am I destined to drown in my fears,
Or just open my hands begging,
For some affection from some heart unknown.

Through the fading night into my eyes looks,
The crescent moon like a smiley face,
May be, even the nature is in a mockery mood,
Or just loving me to help me pass,
Another day that owns a step from my past.

The red sun wakes up in hurry,
So the entire life around,
I vowed my love once more,
And the thoughts about love fell back to sleep,
When alone I step into the day.

3 Replies to “Replacement Friend.”

  1. Regarding your words: That poem took at least a beat of my heart.

    Wow! That is a great compliment and a fantastic line. (I always think in terms of “the next line”) 🙂

    “The red sun wakes up in a hurry”

    That is good too. Just like here in Arizona. Quick to wake, slow to sleep.

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