Problem Of The Worst Kind.

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You know what… cheerfulness is not my cup of tea. I used the eff word
like a billion times today. You know for what. Being a good guy, a
decent guy.

 I will keep it short. I am a software contractor, between me and
the client there are four layers. This project was brought to my
company by a guy in Okalahoma and the whole interview process took
nearly a month. When I was confirmed the OK guy was not responding
properly to sign the contracts. At that time all of the guys told me to
go over this guy and sign the contracts. I insisted that he should be
kept in the loop as he is the one who brought this project in the first
place. We got him after a week and everything went well.

  I started the project on Oct 17 and everything I pay for was
agreed to be reimbursed by the end client. They did and of course the
first two layers in the contracts passed it through. My first paycheck
and three weeks of expenses all came together on the first invoice. Now
you can guess what happened. The Oklahoma guy is missing in action
after he got the money. No trace. The address seems to be faked the
phones are not answering and emails not responding. Now my company and
everyone else in the loop blame me for the whole thing. You know for
what… being the good guy. Here is the deal between me and my company,
they only pay me when they get paid, because this is a contract job.
All my credit cards are full after nearly two months of hotel stay and
other expenses. I am using my brother’s credit card now. Pssst…. There
goes my happiness.

There are some people who are born to be losers. I am one great example of it. Even doing good is not good enough.

I am writing some new stuff but the last couple of days were hectic
with things going bad after bad. Here is an old poem taken from LonelyPoet.Com

In the race of mankind winners become heroes and losers perishes to
dust, but we all forget the fact that one day the winners will join the
losers as dust. A poem written in frustration of the worlds race to
find the best, and most of the time for the fun of the selfish souls.

We Will Unite As Dust.

All over the world there seems,
A hurry to move ahead,
Far ahead into the depths of life,
Beat the one near you,
For what we don’t know,
Even in the young days,
Mothers said to be better than the best,
Teachers search for the best in the class,
Girls search for the best looking,
Men search for the sexiest,
Employers looking for the best skilled.
In the race of the human race,
Losers perish to dust,
Winners become heroes,
And many heroes legends,
We fight and encourage to fight,
Mentally, spiritually and many-a-time physically.
‘Yeah’ we all fought, fighting,
And will fight, to be the best,
And from there to be better,
But will unite as dust.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. This poem was released in LonelyPoet.Com in the fall of 1998.

11 Replies to “Problem Of The Worst Kind.”

  1. what a shitty deal you got. . .i’m angry with you and for you. . .but the last line of your poem is great!  tomorrow’s another day. you’ll get what’s coming to you my friend. . .and so will the oklahoma man. . .i believe that.

  2. Powerful piece here that sums life up very nicely. I’m so sorry about what’s happened. Thank goodness you have family to help. I know it may look bleak at the moment, but do hang in there. They say that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I’ve got to believe & hope that is right…so let’s believe it, okay? It might make us smile for the moment 🙂 Hang in there. One positive spin on your situation, pain or trauma tend to provoke poignant pieces of writing…you might have a whole new crop of pieces soon 🙂

  3. I see this as a learning experience – for me.  I’m glad you posted this!!!!  Considering that I am in school for Network Admin & Web/Graphic Design, I can only hope I never have to experience this.  There are a lot of people out there in this world who just don’t give a hoot and that guy who bailed sounds like one of them.  Don’t worry, Karma will catch up to him – sooner or later.  Granted, if it’s later it will be much more worse than if it hits him sooner.  If I were in your shoes I’d be asking myself who in the world did I piss off in a past life.  I am a big believer in Karma :o)~  I truly hope that your predicament improves.  The holiday season is a bad time to have life hit you southpaw style.


  4. This writing sums things up so nicely to me. It’s been one hell of a bad few weeks for me at work too, so I completely understand. I hope your situation improves quickly. *hugs*


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