A Turn Around.

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Thanks everyone who commented showing their support for my last
post. Well… I am fine as after a long talk, the company I work for
agreed that they will follow legal actions against the guy but legally
they have to pay all my money. They asked me for sometime as the figure
is quite substantial. Till then I have to keep going by paying minimum
payments and on my brother’s credit card (my brother is on vacation and
is in India with his family.  But he knows this whole thing now).
Big relief for me. Now I don’t have a fresh poem, the poem I have is an
old one. It fits the feeling other than the financial chaos. I don’t
remember posting it in here, If I already did forgive me.
It can be found after this.
Ok I have been tagged by threewishesdt to write 5 weird HABITS about myself.


The first player in the game starts with the topic 5 weird habits
about yourself. The people who get tagged need to write a xanga entry
about their 5 weird habits and state the rules. At the end of your
entry you need to tag 5 more people and state their names. Then go to
their xanga site and leave them a comment saying your tagged  and
tell them to read your site. If they have already done this then they
can consider them self untagged.

1) I sleep with night light on as well
as something that makes some noise. I can’t sleep in total darkness and
I am really scared of total silence.

2) Wear only white socks.

3) Talk, talk, talk I keep on talking I repeat what I said again and
again it is hard for people to tolerate me at all ( the only one who
tolerates is my best friend Deepak Prabhakar, with whom I have had the
record phone conversation 7 hours 52 min and 21 seconds ).

4) Liking someone… This is the weirdest. If I like someone I will
like her/him for life. Even if that person hates me, does all the
things I hates, calls me names and beats me up.

5) Eating the same food. If I like a kind of food I will eat it
every day. It changes once in a while. The longest span one food had
with me, Philly Cheese Steak for one and half years as lunch while I
lived in San Francisco.

I am tagging, Kekeway_Arinya_Mekae, soulofthepoet, amymozo, kimmiethemommie, Th_Broken_Road

A poem written looking at the sunset thinking about the people who
lost life,love and their ability to move ahead in the never ending
story of life.


When all those who loved me,
Left me forever,
Though I felt so sad,
No tears came to my eyes,
When all those events ,
That made me happy, passed me by,
No tears came to my eyes,
When all the clucthes of life,
Pained the core of my nerves,
No tears came to my eyes,
But when you left me without a word of love,
Sadness filled my eyes with tears.

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  1. Glad to hear that things are going to be okay with work!  I try to sleep with a light on too, but only because I’m tired of bumping my toes on things or stepping on my cats. LOL!!!  Nothing wrong with that though.  White socks – there are people out there who can only wear white socks.  Coloured socks do funny or should I say funky things to feet!  Know the feeling of liking someone no matter what.  It’s bothersome and heartbreaking to say the least *hugz*  Nature I feel is one of the best inspirations – sad or happy words.  Be well!!


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