My Ladies.

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Another panic Friday passed me by. I woke up late as I was dreaming in
my sleep. She was good. Haha. Then when I got out my beautiful friend
was dancing outside and all over me. Snow, snow and more snow. Reaching
office I understood that it is Friday. Spend the morning debugging
programs and at 12:00 I got out as it was time for the Friday prayers.
On the way my company guys called me which officially started the panic
part. Contract problems, this, that I don’t know every thing sounded
wrong and as I was holding the phone with my gloves on, the phone slipped
through my gloves. The right top part broke and went somewhere. I felt sad. But
it still works. Anyway from my life patterns I know how this day is
going to end. I will have to lose money. I told my company guys that I
will take a cut in my paycheck and everything was solved. I’ve had no
choice as they still hold my visa. If they fire me now, I will not be
enjoying snow and cold I will be in India eating rice and curry in the
blistering heat, hehehe.
 Did I ever told you guys that I am a survivor…. If not… I just
said it… hehehe. How long this circus will continue…..? Who the heck

Here is a poem I wrote from some impulsive thought. It didn’t made much
sense to me first. Then I know what I was thinking. And I said to
myself “Dirty mind, go home and sleep”.

My Ladies.

Days of every kind I walked through,
As fast as they could light took away the days,
Oh’ spring, summer, fall and winter,
The days carried me too along,
The life that perplexed me as usual,
Always changed with the changing days.

Images of them in my mind they left,
For me to see and cherish,
Even when in the darkness they hide.

In my mind every one with a name I kept,
But aged I am as many I forgot,
But some from the long lost memories fill in,
When a beautiful lady pass me by who bears that name.

5 Replies to “My Ladies.”

  1. Ahhhh…My Sweet Riaz~  You truly are a friend to me.  I will enjoy growing old and still having your friendship. 

      The poem you wrote encourages me to think.  I need to read it again.

    Some good news for you.  I just talked to our son,  the United States Marine.  He will fly home on Sunday morning.  I’m so excited.  I can’t wait to see my firstborn son.   I have missed him so much.  Take care and we will chat soon.  Hugs~ Kimmie*

  2. To survive in the real world…haha I don’t think I’m ready. I am still shieled from the real world and lives in a safe and happy fantasy. Won’t be long now till I reach the real world..I don’t really get that poem.

  3. haha– to the ladies? points for you my friend!
    i havent been on in a while but actually ive been the opposite of busy. the first term of school is over and we are off for winter break! oh glorious break the only thing missing is snow.tonite im going to the nutrcracker with my youth group im very excited.. its a christmastide tradition.. and baking cookies, gift swaps etc.. but the most important thing of course is JESUS. and that ineed alwayys to remind myself and never forget it for a second.

    ive decided im going to africa.. either after my senior year and before college or after college.. im going to the slums of Nairobi and im finally going to be of some use.

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