The Unworthy Lover.

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Work again suck big time. We are nearing a deadline. My poor colleague
Jerry got in between the politics of two groups. But everything will be
okay. Last night I briefly talked to my mom, she is back after spending
some time with her sister. She turned 71 on 12th. I told her happy
birthday and she was all in cheer.

 I feel like a fool tagging some people with that survey. In fact
all three of my favorite poetesses disappeared from commenting
altogether. Sam, Ariel, Helen, I wonder what wrong I did this time to
piss you girls off my site. I checked all the comments I left in their
site and my post, but nothing weird is there.

   I am working on many, many ideas. I love this cold. Today
morning it was zero psst… I love bundling up and walking around. All my
colleagues call me crazy. And my response was, the heat in my loveless
heart always keeps me warm.

The Unworthy Lover.

The sweetness of love though never known,
In mind, dreams and words perfectly imagined,
Some of my verses sure defined you,
Some my dreams weaved only for you.

In the paths to you every senses opened,
And my unworthiness I learned,
My loveless destiny, foreseen.
Though I fell in sadness and felt orphaned,
I still got up and in tears walked,
To you the feeling of love ever enchanted,
Chanting verses many else in happiness recite.

9 Replies to “The Unworthy Lover.”

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

    “Chanting verses many else in happiness recite.”

    I like that, I also like what Unicorn in Training states, “our poems stay the same, reflecting our hopeless romanticism in a world of bread-winners and sinners, lol.”

    Have you published a book of poetry? If so is there any way that I could purchase it? Peace.

    -Pilgrim of Truth

  2. I’m sorry if my declining made you feel that way. It was not on purpose. Just been hard to get on puter with ice storm here and power off alot. Please understand. I meant no harm. I do appreciate you thinking of me. Truly.


  3. love is wonderful but destructive in its own way. it sweeps through and envelops everything, but it is worth all the pain.

    don’t worry about not being in my site much! =] all good! i really love the way you write. have an awesome weekend! [C.JaE]

  4. I would die if it got that cold around here!!!

    I freeze if it drops below 60. Thanks for the comment on my dog. I loved that dog like a son. I raised him from birth and he lived with us for 11 good years before we lost him to cancer this past May. He has a grave on the hill in my pasture headstone and all. I still grieve for him everyday. Enough saddness I hope you have a wonderful  week-end, and try to stay warm


    Everybody smiles in the same language

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