A Poet’s Happiness.

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A day I spent talking to many people planning for the New Year party.
Well it is still in planning. I have to see what happens at work. Other
than chatting with a wonderful person nothing much for the day.

this poem I am posting today. I wrote it just a while ago. Yesterday I
was chatting with another poet from whom I haven’t seen any work in
recent times. During the chat she told me that she doesn’t have a lot
of time and she is quite happy with her life these days. I told her
that I write everyday, not because I am unhappy all the time and have a
lot of time, but because I enjoy the whole process of writing a poem.
Well this is how I get to a poem; it may be a casual talk or a passing
sight, later it will come back to me and help me to write. And I truly
enjoy the joy of writing including this one.

A Poet’s Happiness.

Unhappy and gloomy he lived,
Writing verses about life and love.

Oh’ the sadness of the love lost,
The unhappy late hours in loneliness spent,
The pain and illusions sustained,
The new faces and passions redefined,
All fueled new verses deep from heart in pain.

The intoxicating passion of poetry squeezed,
Every vein beyond every reason believed,
More pain and more verses flowed,
And dreams of love meant nothing anymore.

The new love filled eyes in front like marbles rolled,
Oh’ the poet walked away from happiness once more,
As every thought of happiness erased,
One line of wonderful verse from his mind.

14 Replies to “A Poet’s Happiness.”

  1. i think i shall always love your poems. isn’t it ironic that love, the one thing that possesses the power to hurt and heal, has the capacity to bring forth such beautiful language even over centuries! i think that love is the most powerful force on earth! it is so wonderful but yet so tragic at the same time and it is both the love and the pain that you’ve experienced in your life that has the power to bring forth the verses here. you’re awesome, and i’m sure plenty of people agree with me! =D

  2. My Sweet Riaz~  How kind you are to me.  Thanks.  I am so excited to be flying out in the morning…I will not be able to sleep tonight!  I am going to a Chocolate Spa in Hershey, PA.  I will get massaged and pampered and feel like a queen when I am finished.  Then…shopping, dining…laughing…sharing….spending time with 7 very beautiful woman.    Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.  Love and hugs~

  3. i am soooo stuffed as i sit here!! so much cooking & baking for the holidays. anyhow, you’ve captured the poet’s mind set here perfectl. i really like this. i always enjoy tapping into other writer’s thought & writing processes. i hope your new year plans turn out. new year, fresh start, right? 🙂

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