A Missing Face.

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We are getting into the middle of the year end week. Looking back I can
see a lot of things happening and not happening. I will not pursue what
did not happen as I am too old for that. I should be looking ahead to
what the handful of priorities I live with have to offer. Well I think
many will be thinking the same, I mean the older group of people here.
The younger ones, don’t think about it. You are in the process of
figuring out what priorities are out there for you and chose from the
millions, which one fits you well. Yesterday I told someone about a
teenager “Pray that she don’t learn from her mistake, but from her
wisdom.” The same is what I have for you all.

You all may be wondering what I am blabbering about hehehe, don’t worry
I am not going anywhere. I will be here. I am shifting the gear a bit. My
computer needs serious repairs. If I don’t get it to Best Buy this
week. Then there is no chance as the extended warranty expires this
week. So, may be you all won’t see me for some time. Well you all may not see
another short poem like the one I am posting here. I wrote the shorter
ones and posted them here for a reason. That reason is what I use now
to mock myself. I don’t want to elaborate on it.  When I say
changing gear, I mean, most of the ideas in my head are all set for
long poems. Most of you kids may not like them at all. But I will only
be me. I will not become what someone else wants me to become, or I
will not write anything anymore to get the comment of anyone.

If I get another computer from Best Buy I will be online but I don’t
know when I will post another poem. If I don’t get another computer
then let me tell you all a very happy new year. I love you all and my
prayers will be with you all every moment of the day.

A Missing Face.

Thoughts torn by seasons passed,
Oh’ the remnants still lingered,
In subconscious, disfiguring every shape of love.

Came along, filled in mind and wiped away,
All the remnants of an unholy past,
No magic wands of love waved,
No wonderful words spoken,
Placed yourself in the space of an empty soul,
The unknown vastness in precision defined.

You are the one who made my life a monument,
Of everlasting smiles to every soul that touched mine,
Now I can only look inward to find you,
For you are far away and I hear,
Only whispers of your speech to another soul.

Oh’ there are no remnants anymore,
As what you left fill in,
Every bit of my conscious being,
But will sure miss seeing the pretty face in real.

22 Replies to “A Missing Face.”

  1. Wishing you a great New Year! I saw this on a T-shirt yesterday: a bad ending is just a new beginning. I think it’s very true but sometimes hard to recognize. I’m heading to Hershey, PA tomorrow to meet up with our friend, Kimmie. We haven’t seen each other for years because 800 miles of land keeps us apart. Should be a great time if her wild and crazy gal-pals don’t get us all thrown into jail! (kidding)

    Again…best wishes for a great year ahead with many, many more poems on the horizon. C~

  2. im sorry you will be working on new years eve but at least it wasnt christmas or something.. i cant wait to new years personally. its the one night i dance without worries.. okay besides homecoming haha.
    what a beautiful year. oh i am such a lucky person. also to be friends with you.
    -yours truly

  3. LOL, Critique; not ciriticize. Basically, do waht you said, see what you think of the poem as well as explore what option the poet is striving for and yet if something doesn’t capture that esscence or simple mistakes, then make suggestions. Anyhow, I guess constructive criticism is the same idea but I ginuinely prefer the term critique. I understand about your laptop and business, although when and if you get the time to, I would much appreciate the comments or critique. If you don’t find the time, then no biggie, thanks for the desire.


  4. i can’t believe all of this has happened in a year. a single year. it has been a time of every adjective i can think of and every adjective i cannot. i’ve had my share of regrets, but i figure that if counting dreams is anything like counting calories used to be fore me, this upcoming year will prove more fruitful than the last. cheers, to taking action. to wishing. and pulling down the dreams.
    —1992.1993.1994.1995.1996.1997.1998.1999.2000.2001.2002.2003.2004.2005., a stranger.

  5. Thanks!! I appreciate the compliment; as for answers to the poem, I am not sure they exist. It would be wiser to say philosophical because it is mostly written to make one think, not to find an answer.

    Have a blessed New Years and hope you get the bugs worked out of the system.


  6. Hey thanks for you comment on my site. I listened to that song more than twice and I really like it, thanks for recommending it to me. Do you have any similar sounding songs to recommend? Or any singers?

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