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Hello all,
    I need to do this here because of some nerdy, nutty
girl calling me a stalker who puts in hidden messages in my poems
targeting a regular visitor of my xanga. It is sad and unfortunate if
my poems and posts came out that way and I apologize to anyone who felt
so. The truth is it was not targeted at anyone in xanga or targeting
anyone at all. It was all written after a failed relationship with a
girl. If I just say “relationship” and “girl” that will confuse you big
time I know that. I did not had any contact with her for nearly three
months and she just emailed me saying that to avoid a scandal if
necessary I can reveal her name. Her name is Nevina O’Brian, I met her
in Sterling, VA. It was a good relationship to start with but even when
I was in Virginia itself it started going bad. After I moved to upstate New York, we broke up. I don’t want to give too much
of details. The one thing that I say about it is the big age difference
between me and Nevina. She is only 19 years old and even though we
thought age won’t become and issue in the beginning it eventually got
us in different roads.
Now the problem here is, I did comment on a specific site regularly for
almost all the post this girl made in the last four to five months.
This plus my poems kinda talking about the impossibilities and
inappropriateness of a relationship will sure create suspicion in any
mind. I am not going to tell her name here. I really wish this did not
happened at all. It did and I am really sorry for that. I love
commenting on others site, but I don’t want anyone to believe or even
think that I am crossing the line here.

So what is going to happen now? Mmmm interesting… in my nine years
online this is the first time someone called me a stalker. That is not
simple to take. So until I feel comfortable I don’t think I will
comment on any site. I know it is too harsh to everyone of the 109
subscribers I have in my site. I will be posting poems here, whether
anyone is going to comment on those poems must be for the love for it
not just for the heck of it. I may reply to your comments though I am
not sure I will do that or not for sometime.

As for the girl, I know you don’t see me in a way one of your friend
see me.  I am sorry and I truly regret if this created any
inconvenience to you in anyway. I apologize if any of my messages felt
suggestive to you or anyone you know. I really didn’t mean it.

For the time being. Good Bye.
Riaz Ahammed.

Poem Update.

I went to Best Buy to see whether my computer is fixed or not. I
saw the computer there but they only fixed the processor to fix the
heating problem. They did not fixed two of the USB ports that are
broken. Now I have to wait another 10 days to get it back.
BestBuy  is in Crossgates Mall here. So I took a walk around the
mall. I saw this place where they sell Bonsai plants. Interesting, I
was amazed to see 20 year old trees in pots. I wrote the following poem
on my PDA standing in that store.


 The tree from the seed grown,
Wild in every eye,
But perfect in its own way,
The flowers and seeds and a lot of leaves,
From season to season came and gone,
But the tree still remained in all its glory.

The leaf danced to the push from the wind,
Where it dried out in the caressing sun,
Upon the tree the leaf grown,
Watered by the rain in the night,
Held on close by the tree.

The leaf lived through its course,
The freezing drops made it drowsy,
The cold air got heavier day by day,
And the tree cannot hold on to the dying child.

One more gone and in the cold the tree stood,
One more winter thrust upon by nature,
The wonderful tree under which I sit,
And wonder, am I a tree or a leaf.

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  1. Whoever calls you a stalker needs to get a life and stop looking at your xanga? lol… umm she’s the stupid one b/c she could obviously NOT talk to you or say anything, yet she chooses to and this makes her a BiTcH!


  2. Goodness.   I hope this all works out and that you really don’t end up not visiting with people anymore on Xanga.  Wishing you a good day.   Sorry to hear about your continued computer troubles.  Hang in there.

  3. sorry to hear about ur awkward situation… and i hope u’ll be able to settle out that terrible misunderstanding… neways, it was so nice of you to comment back. thank you… btw, i like you poem. it conveys a lot of things… different things depending on the readers’ own interpretations. u’re a very good poet…

  4. Hi friend. I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on. It’s amazing how one spolied apple can rot the rest if it remains…yet take the rotten apple out & the rest will be fine. You have a beautiful way with words & obviously many of us feel that way after hearing the number of your subscribers 🙂 I hope you continue to write & as well as comment. I always look forward to your words. All the best. ~stephenie

  5. Its your words, your life and your place to release those things. What I have always said about words is simple…they are ours until read by another. Then they become whatever the decipher from them. You cannot control that. Personally, I believe its the maturity level of said person. You have to overlook it, address what you must and just be you. You know your true friends are here if ya need to talk. Don’t you dare stop writing or commenting because of them. They win if you do that. Don’t give them that much satisfaction. I wouldn’t…but then again I am one stubborn bitch sometimes. LOL

    Love the new write. Great job. Take care and lots of love to ya.


  6. this is my favorite type of poem i think myabe. i wish so much sometimes i were a tree or the wind. would that not be perfectly amazing, to be so simple and so full of emotion and so a part of everything? but then humans are mad eoriginal by God and so i should not sneeze at that or think lightly of it, i think. sti;ll i should like to be a flowwer sometimes.
    yours turly-
    ps: i like your porfile picture. you are a very cute… goat.?

  7. …It’s truly unfortunate that one person’s idiocy can steal away many other’s happiness. One of the only reasons that I go on xanga anymore is to read your comments…because they always make me feel better.

    To whoever this person is, I wish you’d place your concerns in an area that isn’t someone elses life.

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