My Apologies To You Sam.

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Hello Sam,
   The following message and a post is meant for you. I am so sorry
for the confusion if any that happened at all. Miranda, day before yesterday
called me a stalker who puts in hidden messages in my poems. Though she didn’t say
your name she told me “stop trying to talk to her” there is only one
other person involved here that’s you. I was also chatting with another person
online and she told me she was thinking that there is something going on between
you and me. Which is not true. I know that, you know that and of course your
mother know that.

Therefore as I really don’t want this to bring any problems for you and for me,
I posted a message like that in my xanga. If any of my poems or posts or
comments on your site created any suspicions in you or anyone else who know
you. Then I am at fault here. I am truly sorry and I apologize for that.

 It is sad and unfortunate for what happened. I always asked
your permission for anything I did in your site to make sure that it is clear to
you. But I might’ve crossed the line with excessive commenting on your site and
I am sorry for that too. I am not going to say good bye to you because I just

 Riaz Ahammed.

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  1. I always knew that you never had any intentions whatsoever to put “hidden messages” into your poetry. I trust you. I did when I first started talking to you and I always will. I love going onto my xanga site and reading anything that you have to say, and I’m really unhappy with Miranda that she completely stole that away. I know you’ll tell me not to confront her, and it will be impossibly hard not to…because you really have become someone that I trust with anything, and I have NEVER suspected you of anything even remotely close to stalking.

    …I’ll admit, that reading this post made me cry.

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