Flower From A Garden Unknown.

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Still in no mans land…. Well… my friend and boss all in one managed to
send the paper by USPS express mail at by 10:40PM last night, as by the
time he reaced town area DHL, FedEX and UPS guys turned their hands
saying that he should’ve got the package to them by 3:00PM for an
overnight delivery. I then know it
was a chance he is taking for me. I cannot blame him. A man with a
family of couple of demanding teenagers and one old car tried his best.
Lal, is more like a brother for me. Hats off to him for his best

 Well… the anticlimax is USPS did not delivered it today. All in
vain. I felt sorry for all the yelling at Lal and the attorney for
screwing this whole thing up. That’s me, I regret every angry moment
later. Now for three days I have to sit on my hands. The attorney still
is optimistic in pulling this one off. I just have to wait and see.

 Today there was no much panic, just waiting and waiting to see if
the postage is going to be delivered. I didn’t do anything at work at
5:00PM I sent an email asking for a guy to fix and application which is
not responding. Then I sat thinking about a lot of things and wrote the
following. I don’t want to leave you my family with a question upon
your head about me. Read the poem that will tell you how I feel now.

You all have the best of all weekends.

Flower From A Garden

In the course of time mankind chose,
Many ways to express heartfelt love
Many ways, even the all seeing God may shy away,
Many other ways made the Almighty God proud,
Of his best creation on Earth.

Wonderful creations we are,
Blessed in many ways, unfortunate at times,
Being loved, unloved, discarded and some hated.

Poets chose images to depict love,
Painters in colors shown the love,
Musicians from their heart played their love,
Dancers blend it all in every step,
The joy of love and passion,
The expression of life in depth,
All won and lost many times in one lifetime.

Oh’ blessed I am that I loved,
I wrote about love in many, many ways,
I always imaged you in my verse,
With my verse that chanted the pride of my love,
Through those verse I have shown,
The best images that echoed my thoughts,
And filled your ears with words,
Words that danced upon your mind.

I championed you in everyway mankind known,
And in many ways to mankind unknown,
But you with one action took away my pride,
And forever I plunged in your love,
As you laid the most beautiful flower upon me,
A flower from a garden unknown to mankind,
A garden in paradise, you opened before me,
When you laid your heart upon mine.

13 Replies to “Flower From A Garden Unknown.”

  1. It is with tears in my eyes that i type to my sweet Riaz…tears and a heavy heart after reading such intense words.  Words of pashion, understanding….love. 

     How you write such poetry, is a mystry to me.  I’ve held the flower you speak of…from the unknown garden.   I have strolled in that paradise. I know such pashion.  I have expierenced such love.

    always…always…thankful and true…

  2. Trouble with the CSI, that always sucks. Just over a week ago I realized that my green card is basically no good, I was suppose to update it. Well now I did and no harm done, I’m just glad I found out now and not in the summer when I reenter the US.

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