Lifeless Life.

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Hello Everyone,
     I hope you all are having a wonderful time out
there. I took a much needed break. Well yesterday all day, I relaxed
with sleep, music, T.V, reading. I didn’t write anything. However by
the end of the day I realized that it is time for me to prepare for the
unknown, I mean the future. As it is unknown there is not a lot I can
do. It is a string of “If” conditions, like in a COBOL program, if it
is this then do this else do something else, else something else. If
none of the if conditions work go crazy hehehe. I never expected this
well I know no matter how much I calculate and prepare something is
going to surprise. This is a good one I will enjoy taking myself
through. Is there irony in it? Yes, plenty of it. Do I care about it?
Hell no…. These kinda thoughts made me withdraw completely into my
room. Then after about four hours I came out and sat in the cold
executive center and typed in the following poem.  

Earlier today I updated my good old blog site Tomorrow
is a holiday I hope my computer may come back repaired. I lived without
a girl in my life for years in the past but without a laptop mmmm not
in the last eight years. May be that love of the computers is what is
keeping a lot of love from me…. May be haha.


A wild cat-stretch took me out of bed,
Brushed teeth before the first word I said,
My own aging face with grey hair annoyed,
Shaved away ten years of the real me.

Peanut butter, grape jelly and a banana sandwiched,
Between wheat bread to break my nightly fast,
Tea with cardamom, vanilla syrup and honey,
Day can’t start any better than that.

When on the way, thoughtless in my routine,
What a discipline I learned in these years,
Office to home, home to lunch, lunch to office,
Monotony molded my life in every way.

I scribbled ridiculous verses far away from my life,
Lived in a dream through my verses all these years,
Waited for a dream to live through me, but in vain,
My only forgetfulness was to live a life given to me.

On my way back home still thoughtless I remained,
Were did I lose my muse in that hour? I don’t know,
Where are the pretty images seen, when my eyes I closed?
I know a change up in the horizon that breezed to me.

Before going to bed I once more wrote,
Another piece of verse I loved to dream,
Still acting the forgetfulness earlier I said,
As I always will do the same the rest of my life.

Not a day I will live in the way life told me to,
Not another soul I will bother with my own life,
Not another moment will I dream with another soul,
O as forever I will sleep dreaming a life with you.

7 Replies to “Lifeless Life.”

  1. Hey, just posting to say (somewhat belatedly) that I hope yur holiday went well. Sorry to hear about your uncle (from Christmas post). On a happier note, I really love your poetry. I really like the line in this poem about the dream through you writing, and waiting for a dream to live through you. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, but things always get hectic around the holidays.

  2. Hey,
    Nothing much, I’m waiting for softball practice to start back up and other than school and homework, I have nothing to do. Although I do go over to Emily’s house sometimes. It has been so exciting, not. lol. Well I hope all of your Visa Issues work out. . And about going back to India, all I can say is You gotta do what you gotta do.
    GoSh! I need some spice in my life lol.


  3. Hmmm…I suppose in response:

    No longer did I dream the life to live

    But woke up to live the life I dream

    Because this life is the life God did give

    To answer all my questions that seem

    To be answered by experience and not just from a wit

    For does one ever learn in a dream not to quit

    Dreaming and reaching even farther still?

    No, for only in life can you make the dream really real.

    As usual, I love all your poems. And this style in particular is really fun.

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