Being Human.

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Haha, I think stunned some of my regular readers with a long poem. If
you are stunned, then you are going to lose me, what is to come are
five more long poems like the one you saw in the previous post. Then I
have already chosen the next two characters I am going to write about.
In between you will get short poems like this one I am posting. There
is a relief. If I feel love towards any girl, haha, all fictitious
characters take a back seat. I will write the happy part first, then
she will dump me, then I will write the sad part, which you all will
read hehehe. But falling for another girl? That girl must be really
good. I mean really good. There is another side to this. If a girl is
that good, why would she come after me? So my lovely readers prepare
for reading long poems.

 Okay enough crazy talk. It was raining all morning here. When I
was going for lunch I saw a shot on a T.V in a shop. Just a passing
shot on T.V in which I saw an African American girl holding a dead
puppy and looking above saying something. I don’t even know what
channel it was. I looked in the evening news in the local channels if
they repeat that shot. Nope none of them showed it again. Just now I
thought of checking my emails I thought out this poem. It came from
that passing shot.

One good news. My attorney filed the first part of my Visa extension papers. It is in the hands of God now.


Ah, the glittering colors up in the horizon seen,
Scattered clouds begging mercy at the bleeding sun,
They were part of the storm that danced wild,
Thunders and lightning, wind and floods carving,
Life in a day in the gloomy nature’s wrath.

Sirens are all died down in the silence,
A deadly calm waits for events unknown,
Ravens sharpening their beaks upon the dried out oak,
Sleepless owls turning their heads again and again.

Oh’ what disaster the whole Nature and unspeaking awaits?
Do they know more than all man made science know?
Or were they all stunned by some mischief done?
As a poet who walks through the middle age of his life,
I see far beyond the horizon and its colors,
I feel powerful than the best thunderbolt that grounded,
In the mind of a human in spiritual awakening,
As I watch that little child praying for her dead little puppy.

5 Replies to “Being Human.”

  1. Yeah, sorry about that. And thank you!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone kept up with me on this.

    I am doing well; I have been working for my dad selling cars for the last couple of weeks but not much interesting is happening just yet.

    I stopped by here to see what you have posted but found that I have fallen very far behind on your Xanga.

    Maybe you could give me the shortened version?

    I will attempt to stop by and actually read up on the poetry and such, but as of late, I have been feeling a bit let down and not in the poetry mood; whether it be writing or reading.

    Anyhow, I hope to hear form you soon.

    And thanks again for your comment and concern.

  2. I just returned from a week away on business. Congrats on your Visa news!! My fingers are crossed for you.

    This piece was sharp and even dark. I had to re-read to trully capture its essence. As always, I was not disappointed.


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