Mind Of An Unloved Man.

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This Thursday was far better than last Thursday. I loved
myself in this day more than the last several days. Wow, nothing really
happened. Haha that’s good you know. It is better than all things going
wrong at once. The only problem is I have like zero confidence left in
me. You know that’s what bad times will do to you. It will drain out
every bit of your confidence in you. I will regain it. Writing my mind
out is a good way I know how to build confidence. Especially writing
poems like the one below. Accepting my flaws, getting accustomed to
those flaws a little more so that I can straighten them up, then mix
them all up with something I don’t have haha you all know what I am
talking about.

It was a day that was pleasant. I accept that I
couldn’t do anything this day. Even this poem I wrote in about an hour
is not the best of mine. But forgive me it is just an attempt of
someone trying his best to hang on to a string of hay.

I end. I don’t know how many of you might’ve noticed the Custom Module
box on the left of my site. It is a free email account of PoetryBox.
Yeah, I attached my xanga to a domain. www.poetrybox.us. If anyone is
interested you can have a free email account. Alright, one more day,
then I am on a trip to Kansas. Nothing much there just a visit to my
brother whom I haven’t seen for more than a year. I miss his children
more than him. Most probably I will post some pictures after the Kansas

Mind Of An Unloved Man.

The taming of mind after the wild chase,
After her who still remains an illusion.
In emptiness I penanced,
For an unrealistic life ahead,
And her heart so elusive,
My mind elongated in time and space ran after.

I speak of no dreams anymore,
For they all were like virus,
That ate out mind, leaving remorse.

I keep no hope in any day ahead,
As all hope disappeared in her silence,
The fear in me grew everyday,
As the silence haunted, even in the bright-lit day.

She did not see the passion of her dreams in me,
Her illusion of love did not paint my face,
Every image in my eyes lost,
In the deep and dark dreams of the unloved,
And once more my own conscience laughed,
At me in the mockery of my loveless life.

O loveless I maybe after the wildest rides,
Uptowns to downtowns and to countryside,
I went after mirages of pathetic material life,
Though love alone is not life, I learned,
The love of a girl I will always miss.

Mind is a mystery mankind never learned,
Love is mystery my mind always hunted,
Though lost again love still remain,
Deep in the heart with every freshness known.

Then I felt a light breeze blowing from the west,
The wind touched nothing but me,
The hissing sound, played like a thousand violins,
By Nature deep into my ear and to my heart,
And the heart opened once more to welcome,
A new love in all her freshness,
Though darkness still holds its hard grip,
Up in the sky blink multitude of stars,
Making me pray for the darkness to hold on,
As a new star is born with my love for you,
Glowing to you in all colors you choose.

5 Replies to “Mind Of An Unloved Man.”

  1. It’s the flaws that make a person unique & lovable. And while true, your comment about difficult times breaking our confidence, it is also from these trying moments that we gain strength. Keep this addage in mind, “God does not give us more than we can handle.”

    Have a safe & happy visit with your brother & your nieces or nephews. I look forward to the return trip photos 🙂 I think this trip at this point can really help your spirit.

    This poem is truly beautiful, sad & heartfelt. Hold on to your dreams my friend, hold on.


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