True Lovers, An Extinct Race.

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I first woke up at 6:32AM I looked at the clock and said. “Shut the eff
up” Then I woke up at 7:45AM again I said the same. Then I woke up at
around 8:15AM at that time I realized that the clock is not making any
noise. Like a just launched missile I got up and ran into a race
against time. Implementation GRRR. Yeah today they start the
implementation of our work. I reached office at 10:00AM. Everything
cool, no one was looking for me. Haha. I sat on my chair got my water
bottle filled logged into the system and started browsing my .gov
emails. There were not a lot but one email is from an Indian woman. I
thought who is this. Well my bad memory, it was my attorney, with the
good news. I got the receipt of the re-application. I least expected it
today. That changed the whole attitude of mine to the day. I
immediately called the new company and told them to start the paper
work. Now it is all in the hands of Vera Kimmie, my friend and the
fiancé of my friend/boss. She is good and even at this moment I know
she is filling in the forms for me. I wonder what I will give her as
 Before all that, what will I give to my Mo Cuishle for the
offering of every ounce of her luck to get this through. I owe you big
This is not over, I am 90% through. I hope nothing will go wrong from
here on. I am now back at home. I did not eat much all day so I kinda
finished whatever I got, starting with brownies going through about a
pound of lamb, whew I ate a lot hehehe.

Here is a poem I wrote a little while ago. It is an expression of
frustration at people who thinks that they have an explanation for
everything. It is just my opinion. You can say your opinion about this
in the way you want. Kill my thought if that’s what you like to do
after reading this.

True Lovers, An
Extinct Race.

Turn around, turn around, O confused mind,
Confused in the call of love from within,
And the ugly truth that lives around as life.

No more the mind can tell oneself that love exists,
As somewhere lost are the dreams well weaved,
When the sanctity of thoughts in choices tarnished.

Which science guru can explain morality?
Who can explain character degeneration?
Why minds live sterile without love?

A hundred equations they may write,
Some may even fly rockets to space,
A hundred billion more stars they may discover,
But tell me what killed the love in minds?

And in the blink of an eye, life passed,
For all who loved and became loved.

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  1. “What killed the love in minds…?”  Could it be that great, post-modern divorce between mind and heart, the gaping divide between thought and feeling — don’t know the answer, L.P., but your question is profound! -Lah

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