Advice To My Nephews.

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I haven’t really updated for some days. Work, room, room work life isas stale as possible. Not a lot going on around. Just now talked to myfriend Deepak to whom I left a wild message when he forgot to call meon my birthday. We are planning to get together in Milwaukee on March10th and the weekend after that for the Bachelor party of one of ourfriend. It is all still up in the air as no one is sure about howvacations are available. I myself is not sure where I will be as mycontract which is extended for a month will expire on March 3rd so Icannot book a ticket now from here. Psssst what an uncertainty. I willprobably know the deal with the contract next week after the longweekend.
 Well Torino is consuming most of my time. The American sisters inthe Curling team are really pretty. Haha I love Olympics. I’ve beenhearing, reading and watching Olympics from the age of about seven. Ilove it all, both winter and summer.

Now here is a poem I started writing couple of days ago. I don’t knowhow many may be interested in this or even like it. I want yourfeedback. This poem is written with these two guys in the photo belowin my mind. They are my nephews. Omar Farooque Minty and MuswaddiqueAhamed. Omar is the elder one my only sister’s son now 19 andMuswauddique is 11 in Kansas now my brother’s son.

Advice To MyNephews.

The human nature allow errors of all kinds,
And we when young, commit a whole lot of them,
The years after childhood days,
Comes too fast at you from within and all around,
When all the past looks childish as it is,
And the elders and everything ahead, perplex,
Mind in mysterious frustration to despise,
Oneself being in the middle of it all.

The elders don’t do justice at all,
As what they have gone through, they forget.
Stereotyped in the negativity of a life despised,
The first years of the trials of all that learned,
In the childhood and adolescent years,
Becomes and experiment with trial and error,
That which needed which already in the wisdom, forgotten,
But from millenniums old mistakes learned,
And in never ending turns wandering,
Licking the burns and bruises.

I, I, I, all always scream in agony,
Why, why, why conscience always query,
Oh’ all the selfish thoughts that boggles mind,
Stretching mind into every corner,
In the meaningless competition of the human race.
Hatred fills in mind in the mere wish for survival,
Many lives consumed by tools of intoxication,
Many others in the disconnected brain cells degenerated,
Men and women have became maniacs,
The vultures of evil many are, waiting the rest to die.

Oh’ I don’t need to look back at my own past to remember,
As every movement I see around a repetition I have seen,
Every word I hear a curse I learned from my past repeated.

Reach, out of your own shackles and chains,
Never let the matrix of life bind,
To obligations that draw boundaries,
To every dream in this material world.

Lead your conscience to the light of love,
As every moment of yours means,
A word in the mystery of life,
Make every moment part of a line of verse you weave,
And gather it all as part of an epic poem,
The world will chant as prayers, forever.

9 Replies to “Advice To My Nephews.”

  1. beautiful. . .and even more so for me because my brother informed me last week that he and his significant other are xpecting their first child, and I finally get to become an auntie! πŸ™‚

  2. Brings a little girl to mind.

    β€œIt’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” – Anne

  3. Hey there!  This is just a random post, I found your website and read your poem.  I wanted to tell you that I think it is very sweet and touching that you would give a poem to your nephews, explaining some of the mysteries of life that one can only comprehend after living them.  I really enjoyed it  πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry if that was ambiguous. What I meant is that I can’t do the hoping for you…like when you can’t actually live your life through someone (I had a better explanation than this, I’m sorry if it’s crappy right now). That’s what I meant. I mean I can hope for you but I can’t…what’s the right verb? My muse is failing me T_T.

    As always,  though, I like your poem (I too have a nephew, you wouldn’t mind if I showed him your poem? He’s kinda too young to understand (in fact, he can’t even read yet), but I think he’ll like it (and appreciate it in his later years).)

    And, don’t worry, once I come up with a better verb for what I meant, I will post again ^_^

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