Winning Smiles

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WOW what a day. Awesome cold I loved walking around a bit. But then Ifelt too cold my nose needed saline spray to open up. Only 15 degrees….Brrr… but I love cold. That is the only thing I love in Albany. Otherthan that not a lot going on with me. A break from office. I thought ofgoing to New York City… kinda dropped the idea. I don’t want to upsetmy rhythm now. What is that rhythm mmm I thought I will write about itthen I did wrote. But that did not came out well.  Then Iremembered an old poem I wrote when I was in Milwaukee, WI. It wasinitially part of LonelyPoet.Com. I later removed it as it onlyexpresses a feeling and don’t have a real theme in it. Well… that’swhat I thought, what do you think?

If someone really want to know how I feel inside. Well… read the poem it will speak better than my prose.

Okay, my mistake. I did not give an intro the prose part ofmost of my poems that explains what it means. In a way I can add this introinto the poem but then it becomes yet another poem like any other poem writtenby any other poet. I am not just another poet on the web. Am I? I explained thepoem to limegreenideas this is what I wrote.

I wrote this poem in 1998. What I meant was I lost my loveand I don’t want anything connected to love at all. Even if it is sadness thatis going to replace in my mind. I will take that rather than the pain of loveor the wrath of love. The last line is a little different that from the wholepoem. How it connects to the poem is like this. If I can get rid of all thedreams, misunderstood thoughts and the fictitious expressions from both sides,my life will remain with the winning smile of the individual. That is me. Itwas written justifying why I call myself ‘LonelyPoet’.

Winning Smiles.

The cold wind felt warm upon my heart frozen,
The blisters upon my skin soothed,
When the frozen rain covered the cuts.

Oh’ sorrow, a word, with meaning lost,
Stretched inside my mind, lie,
Asleep after finding way into my mind in haste.

O sorrow, why you make the wind so cold,
Upon your arrival through every sense felt,
Even when the sun upon me, blazing.

Don’t know where the silver spoon from my mouth lost,
Peasant I am in words and deeds,
When heart stopped singing rhymes of deep felt emotions.

Dwell O sadness in my passions,
Scavenge my mind to the last thought,
For free I will be from the wrath of love.

Free I will be from the world of dreams,
Free I will be from thoughts misunderstood,
Free I will be from fictitious expressions.

Then glorified I will be with winning smiles.

8 Replies to “Winning Smiles”

  1. your comment box wasn’t working before.  sorry about that.  i meant to comment and say”i like the language of this piece.  there seems to be a deeper meaning i’m not getting =).”

  2. I think I understand, not sure though.

    All I can say is, that this feeling is black. Self consumption and destruction always is.

    Yet I cant help but think that I have felt that before too.

    I wonder if I got it right?

  3. It gives clues to one of life’s great mysteries– the paradox of a human heart. Leaves me curious about the winning smiles — whose winning smiles? What are the winning smiles?  Good poem because it causes the reader to stop and reflect.

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