Am I A Reason.

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Hello,  Mo Cuishle,
     I said hello when you came online. I wanted to
ask you
this. Am I  the reason for you suddenly taking a break from Xanga?
Did I
said anything wrong in any of your sites? If so I am really sorry. Tell
me what
I should do. You were in Xanga before I came to Xanga. I don’t want you
reduce your visits to Xanga because of my comments. Okay, I really want
to see
you post back in Xanga and I guarantee you that I won’t comment at all.
Okay… I thought you enjoyed my comments and posts as you said in so in many
comments you left in my site.

  I wanted tell to you
that I commented for the fun of it nothing beyond that. Me insisting on you
commenting on my works might’ve been outrageous. I did that because I valued your
opinions. Don’t worry, the mistake was mine and I will not do that again.

  If the decision of
staying away from Xanga is not my comments then I understand
that.  This may be
just a guess in my heart that’s all. Please let me know… okay, I
never wanted to be a confusion in anyones mind or life. Xanga is a
place for girls like you as for me I have my own sites. I have gone
away couple of times. I came back because people asked me to. I will be
here, but like I said before I won’t bother you at all. This whole idea
of Internet blogging is for the fun of it, if there is no fun in it
there is no point in doing it at all. I thought you enjoyed it to the
fullest and suddenly when you said you don’t want to waste time. It
just did not added up in my mind.

For my peace of mind, please reply when you get
time. Because whether you believe it or not your good luck wishes
always worked for me. I don’t want you to have a bad feeling about
someone whom you blessed every ounce of luck of yours. If you don’t
mind once in while come and do that in my site because it truly works
for me.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On
The Face Of Others.

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