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Some people asked me in their comments for the pervious post who is
Valentina. Mmm if you have read the poem “Beauty By The Bay” carefully,
you would not have asked. You can also read the poem “A Day Of Love” It
is about Valentina I am talking about in that poem.

Now here is another poem. I don’t know how many of you ever heard about
the game Cricket. If someone wants to know more about this game, which
is played in Asia, Australia, The Caribbean Islands and England you can
check out the links at the bottom.

Cricket was my passion before girls and poetry… hehehe… true that. In
the blazing sun during the spring and fall in India we fried our skin
and flesh and sweated days in practice to master this game. Summertime
(June-through August) it is tropical manzoon season and there is no
chance of playing any cricket in my state. Rain will not shower it
pours straight for weeks.  Well… read the poem as it is not a good
idea to talk too much about a work before.


Twenty two and half yards part,
A batsman and bowler in Cricket,
The wide bat and gear to preserve,
Three stumps and a wicket of himself.

The bowler must bowl overarm,
Spin or fast he can run or just walk
Over the lush greenery to pitch,
To the batsman on hard graveled crease.

My childhood and adolescent days were spent,
As a bowler who can bowl fast,
Imran and Thompson, Lillie and Marshal,
Hadlee and Holding oh’ their skills a lot I admired.

The blazing sun of the spring and fall,
Fried skin and flesh and in sweat,
Played the passion of my younger days,
Day after day without any fail.

The smell of the grass fresh moved,
The dust from the pitch hard rolled,
Ball swinging and cutting through,
Oh’ the thrill of the bowler I felt in every vein.

Though a good player I was,
My thrill for the game as a player faded,
As life’s priorities changed,
And those I admired retired and gone.

Years have gone by, I left my little town,
And I roamed in the wild, wild west,
Not much about Cricket these days I talk,
But country men are around who love the game.

Many talk about the game, and many others play,
Some through satellite dishes still watch the game,
Games across oceans and continents played,
They all still hold a thrill a long time back I left.

Whenever they all talk about the game,
The lush grass and pitch, bats and ball,
The gear and thrill of bowling a batsman out,
Oh’ I remember none of those.

I always remember that little girl,
Who came out from hiding,
After a good game I played,
A face I always noticed, watching us play.

She ran to me and gave a garland of Jasmine and said,
“I love every move you make on the ground”
Kissed my hands and away she ran,
The first word of care from any strange girl I heard.

Vimala, a name always echoes in my ear,
A face upon my soul ingrained forever.

Cricket An Explanation.
This link tells you how Cricket is played, The rules, the pitch and everything else about Cricket.

Imran Khan.
The irresistable Pathan from Pakistan. Called as “The Lion
Of Pakistan” is one of the fastest bowlers ever. Here is a link showing
him in action. Click Here.

Dennis Lillie.
Though not as fast as all the fast bowlers Dennis Lillie was one of the best bowlers in the history of Cricket. Click Here to see him in action.

Michael Holding.
Indeed the fastest bowler I have seen and the most
effortless bowler. He is such a master of the craft of fast bowling it
looks simple and easy. Click Here to see him in action.

Richard Hadlee.
The most accurate bowler I have seen. Not as fast as
the other fast bowlers but it is his brain that does the job. Click Here to see him action.

Malcom Marshal.
The most fearsom fast bowler. The most gentleman
outside. He is no more. He died of cancer. This clip is towards the end
of his career. Click Here.

Jeff Thompson.
The unusual sling on action of a javelin thrower. The
one who still holds the record of delivering the fastest ball ever.
99.6MPH. Here he is not so fast but still deadly. Click Here.

8 Replies to “Vimala.”

  1. Ha ha, that’s how it goes, playing the game and wanting that one girl to watch.

    For me it was soccer, I played at least 4 times a week. All you had to do was go out into the street with a ball and people would magically assemble. In America the game is not so much fun, I don’t know why. This summer I will be in Germany watching the world cup final. I can’t wait.

  2. That is a great poem. I love how she ran out to say “I love every move you make on the ground.”

    ryc: Thanks for telling me how much a portion of the poem stood out to you. It is always so great to hear when something strikes a chord. And it is amazing how similar your ex’s line was to my own.


  3. always found the bat for cricket to be interesting in comparison to baseball.  good poem.  italian beauty is what came from looking at the picture.  I thought the lass was italian by the way she is dressed and she looked italian.  sorry to have upset you in anyway regarding that.

  4. Thanks. I haven’t had a chance to really do much as of late. 🙁 My dad and I went to an auction about every day this last week, plus we had to move our shop. My life is very exciting; yeah right. :p Anyhow, thanks for checking up on me, it is apreciated!

    See you,


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