Leaves Of The Fall.

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Blue October “Hate Me” I love this song which I am playing now… I love it, I love it, I love it.

I haven’t posted a poem for a long time. That’s the least kinda crime.
The worst kind, I did not replied comments. Some I truly did. Rest I
will get to you. When mmmm I just can’t say.  Well… I am busy… no
IMs… barely answer personal emails and barely even eat. Mmm don’t sound
good. Well… life change… and this is what was given to me now. So I am
going to do that. I know you all love me in this crazy way than the
soft spoken hypocrite. Hehehe. Yeah… I will comment. Not today, not
this weekend, probably next weekend. That’s the best I can come out
with. Work, work, work, bit of sleep, work, work work….

Life just sucks, sucks, sucks, Life just sucks, sucks, sucks, Life just
sucks, sucks, sucks…. Add some heavy metal music to it. Haha.

Honestly, I didn’t write this poem today. It was “leftover lines” from
some poem I wrote a long time back. It came out of my Remington Shell
Box which I call “PoetryBox”…. I don’t know what prompted me to write
such a poem. As far as I know all my ex-girlfriends are alive (1000s of
them(just kidding)). This is from the Milwaukee era… that will date it
back to last millennium. Around 1999.A.D.  Enough break time. Let
me get back to my work desktop…..

Love you my xangans, my family, my friends, my darling.

Leaves Of The Fall.

Gladness left leaving tears in my eyes filled,
Billions of images, sounds, touches and smell,
Oh’ they all bound to my soul as sweet memories.

Darling, O you come back to my eyes,
Though the blown up feather carries,
More weight than you do know,
The dust and air filled with every thought of you.

Oh’ down by the lake I swam to feel the cold of the fall,
The sunset can’t fill my mind with darkness,
The moonlight can’t replace the glory of your face.
Oh’ you are gone, you are gone every soul will say,
Except mine where lives the memories of yours.

When you first ran away for me to chase,
I found the character of womanhood, elusiveness.
When you touched my lips and stared at my eyes,
I found the perfection of womanhood meant for me.
When you laid upon my chest and slept,
The underlying character of every human I found, Innocence.

Oh’ every day sad I will be for sometime,
As disease and pain took you away,
But no disease can take away the glory of such blessing,
After those sad moments with a smile my days I will live,
For holding those hands, knowing that mind, satisfied,
With memories flying around like colorful leaves of the fall.

7 Replies to “Leaves Of The Fall.”

  1. take time to breathe (and sleep). i know you had mentioned to post pictures of Denmark. will do that when i get back to the states probably. is a beautiful old country. also fingered some impressionist paintings and rodin sculptures. ahhh!! take care.:)

  2. even with all that stress, you’re capable of creating such beauty. . . your poetry has the voice of a “wise old soul”. . .hope you get a chance to slow down and find comfort in the simple things. . .

  3. aaaawww… i still love you sensei even if your whacky, grouchy, in a bad mood, and you dont comment back… *hugz* 🙂

    btw, love the poem. u’re brilliant whichever mood u’re in  🙂 hope you’ll feel great again soon!

    – lovelyblue

  4. Sometimes leftovers are wonderful — as in this case! You keep your poems in a Remmington Shell Box — that’s the Poetry Box? Perhaps you need to write a poem about that and let us in on how it came to be. Hope all is well in your world! -lah

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