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It has become a tradition for people I care, to hurt me. I am hurt… deep inside.

In some weeks it will be a year since I started this Xanga site. It was a mistake. I knew that then. I know it now. I am not going to shut down this site. Because it is my tradition to live in my mistake as long as I can. This is hard to do to many of the people who regularly visit my site. My sincere apologies to you all. If there is a bit of kindness in you all, forgive me. From this moment on updating this site is only a sixth priority. I have five other sites. I will be updating those sites regularly. If you want me come and get me, if you don’t want me, I don’t want you either. You can find the poetry related sites in the left side of this site. Once in a month or maybe twice I will update this site with a poem or two from LonelyPoet.Com. I don’t expect anyone to comment in LonelyPoet.Com. It was a read only site and there are handful of people who love my works there. I will write  a blog entry in LonelyPoet.Org everyday. But that will be only regular after this month as I need to find and move that site to a new webhost.

To the 123 people who are subscribed to this site. It was a great pleasure to have you all here. My heart goes out to you all. But with sadness I am telling you I am so sorry. I am damaged in everyway.

It was an honor being here and posting and commenting. I promised some people that I will never leave Xanga. I am “retracting” my promise and I have no regrets about it.

Have a great life everyone.

This PoetryBox Is Closed. I am going back to my home. The Home Of The Lonely Poet.

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  1. Good luck to you.  Sorry to hear this news but it’s understandable.  You have a lot of sites to keep up with.  Take care and wishing you all the best.  Thanks for the time you have spent here.  Much appreciated.  🙂 

  2. What! B-b-but…argh never mind. Well I wish you luck and I will definetly go visit you. You are my first friend on xanga and you will always be at the top of my list! I truly hope you will have happiness back and I hope your troubles fly away. Goodbye~

  3. so sorry to see you go. will look you up though for sure. hope you still drop in to say hi once in awhile. do what you must and don’t feel bad, those who enjoy your poetry will visit your new home. good luck and take care. see you soon.:)

  4. Hey LP– this makes me soooo sad– you were my first xanga friend also. Love your poetry and will look for your other site. What a gift for expression you have — hope you won’t allow others to silence your voice! Bless you! -Lah

  5. I’m gonna miss you here… 🙁   but if that what makes you happy then i’m happy for you, too 🙂  and i’ll make sure to visit u there at LonelyPoet.com to read your poems. take care always *triple-hugz*

    – lovelyblue

  6. Sorry to see you go, but I do understand. I can’t imagine how you do it, I mean all those sites and write too. You are very prolific, and it is so hard for me to keep up with all your poetry…..still I have enjoyed your presence and your comments also. One of my faults is that I read so slowly, trying to understand and absorb. So many times I don’t know exactly what to say…..kind of like now.Still I wish you well.


  7. It is a shame to see you leave. I have very much enjoyed your work. And you write about all the things that inspire me. Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and support in my own writing. You’re a great poet and someone who is very much loved by all your suscribers. I’m sure many will agree with me and will be sad to see you go.

    I wish you well in all that you do. May God grant you success and happiness and I shall look forward to reading your updated poems. You have always brought a smile to my face with your writing. Love to you – CJ.

  8. hey, i happened by your site by accident, n am really interested in your writings! please continue with your posts, u sure seem to have a lot of people interested in your writings! would love to subscribe to them myself, if i may! 🙂

  9. If there are apologies to be given, I am certain that you needn’t any. At any case, it should be the other way around. It breaks my heart to see you go, but in the end… we must let go. I am most terrily sorry for not coming in this site enough.

    It is a regret, for my part, that I have not cherished the time with you here in this site long enough. But I am still thankful for the times you’ve visited and encouraged me with your wise advices. I wish you best in your life’s journey as well with your powerful writings. I hope that our paths will one day meet again, but until then, I bid you goodbye.

    I will miss you.

  10. I am glad you liked the poem. Your thoughts are well valued… I thank you. I left a comment in your other site. The poem “Deserted Island.” I loved it. But, you don’t have to question me… I’ve always loved everything you write………… so far. 😛

  11. Your voice will be missed on xanga.

    For some reason the links you have in the post aren’t working.

    Burning books is a trajedy. I do however believe in Gandhi’s methods of protest and pacifisim, although I fear I am not strong enough to ever be able to practice them. Peace.

    -Pilgrim of Truth

  12. Hi Riaz, I guess I’m kind of cheating again  :o) but it is for a good cause. You mentioned that your Lonely Poet site wouldn’t bite me. So I thought I’d let you know that I’ve tried to register a few times and have never been successful. This time I registered as Blue_Moon1, and was accepted but for some reason I never recieve a validation post. The email address I used was Vortex1@phreaker.net. I just checked and it is functioning correctly so I hope you may be able to help me. if you need another email addy try xgeminixdreamx@yahoo.com.



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