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Mo Cuishle,

Wonderful hear
that you did good in the dancing. I am posting something here. This is just for
you. My publisher asked me to submit the poems in a manuscript form and in the
last week I was preparing the manuscript. Well in all only 174 poems made it to
the manuscript. All the poems I have written in the last one year are still
there but the axe went upon the older ones. No worries as none other than me
have seen those poems.

Well I never asked
for your lucky blessing, you always gave it me. I hope and pray your blessing
will be upon these works. I will let you know about the developments in these
protected posts.

Said all that… as you
have read most of them, if you think any one of those poems should not be
published. Let me know before Friday. Alright.

Thanks and have a great week ahead of ya.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On
The Face Of Others.

Riaz Ahammed.

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