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Mo Cuishle,

I haven’t heard from you for days, well… I don’t know when is your spring break you are probably at spring break. When you see this I hope this news makes you feel more happy than you already are. I just received the news from my publishers they accepted the manuscript and are offering to publish my book. The contract details are all worked out and probably by the end of next week everything will be signed.

So once again thanks a lot for the luck offerings. It truly works and you rock….

Convey my regards to Kate, Billy and your dad whenever you see him or talk to him.

Spring Is The Time To Blossom, Summer Is The Time To Grow, Autumn Is The Time To Harvest And Winter Is The Time To Lie Back And Enjoy The Reverie Of All.

Riaz Ahammed.

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  1. I went to see my dad already. It went really well.

    You were correct in assuming that hearing from you would make me happy. I read on lonelypoet.com that you had gotten me out of your heart, and in part, that made me think that I was out of your mind as well. I’m glad to know you didn’t forget me. It means a lot.

    I’m glad about your book! I hope that someday I will see it in a store, and be able to buy it! That would be incredibly awesome.

    I’m so happy that my luck works for someone. I certainly don’t have the best “luck” in using my own luck well, but at least it works for others.

    I hope that you are finding some happiness amongst your words of sorrow that I sometimes read about.

    Best wishes to you.


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