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Mo Cuishle,
     I think a long time back I said you will
always be my Mo Cuishle… I will never be able to forget you. You are
right, through some incredible efforts I was able to get over the
emotions and feelings that sprouted out of my own wrong thinking. Like
I told you when I chatted that I made you kinda a model for my writing
which made my whole thought process go haywire.

  You can laugh at this…. I know in the end I need to get
something else to get rid of you. I know it won’t materialize into
anything… but here are the details… Her name is Jennifer… a poem she
wrote is there in LonelyPoet.Com. We talk most of the days but even
though she is a wonderful girl, I have only a little hope in anything
working out with her. Read her poem “Love Against All Odds” and the
post along with that poem when you get time.

  The book will come out I don’t know which store will request my
book. I hope it will sell well with more of your lucky blessings.

 Now about the lucky blessings… for every person it is something
that works as a lucky thing for them. For me it happened to be your
words. You will have to figure out what is that lucky thing for you.
You will be fine I am sure about that. You truly have a wonderful
heart, though I have never met you, from the interaction I’ve had I can
assume that you are a wonderful person.

 My happiness… I recently told this to someone ” Happiness is not
an emotion I can have these days” but I am not sad or frustrated.
However there are those moments I get angry at myself about a blunder I
did with a fifteen year old. Probably I will get over that soon too.
Don’t worry about me… I will be alright. If at all you need to contact
me I will be available and don’t hesitate to ask for anything, I will
do whatever I can. Keep in mind you will always be my Mo Cuishle, and I
have no vested interest.

  I would really like to hear more about your encounter with your
dad. I hope he is married now and probably have other children. Or is
he still single? You know he looks like a heavy metal musician.
Probably your music taste came from his side. Did you mother saw him?
How did that meeting went?

 Visit LonelyPoet.Com I will be posting my new poems there. I will
post any developments on the book here as a protected post as well as
any developments with Jennifer. Maybe you can leave a lucky blessing
for me winning her heart. Haha. My prayers will be there for you always.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.
Riaz Ahammed

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  1. I don’t have much time to talk, but I’ll try and type fast.

    My dad is married and he has a step son. I’m his only child I guess…which is kinda odd if you think about it, but in some ways it’s not.

    I’m glad my words work for you. I’ll continue to say them!

    But I must go, I’ll hopefully come on and finish this comment.

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