A Half Real Dream

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A Half Real Dream

Strange, the thoughts say about the events passing by
Though events show reminiscence,
Of some forgotten days in a past distant.

Oh’ the clouds so dense, blinding,
Even the closest faces looking,
The real man in him always remains, unseen.

Life drifts along with paths unknown,
Where is land and where is the sky?
Mind asks about the delusions felt.
Oh’ is there anything that resembles,
In the history of mankind that teaches,
To find harmony of reality and fantasy?

Everything he says means different,
Everything he does out of context taken,
The wonderful life between cup and lips lost,
Still he indeed in the tit bits of events finds enjoyment.

“Drag along O life, Drag along” he said,
And once more in the thoughts of days gone by looked,
And in the flight of a half real dream his legs he stretched,
And the sweetness of the moment he spread through his life.

2 Replies to “A Half Real Dream”

  1. oh my love’s like a red,red rose

    That’s newly sprung in June

    oh my love’s like the melody

    That’s sweetly played in tune

    As fair art you my bonnie lass

    So deep in love am I,my dear

    Till all the seas gang dry

    Till all the seas gang dry,my dear

    And the rocks melt with the sun

    I will love you still,my dear

    While the sands of life shall run

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