Good Sunday

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A walk in the mall, went shopping around at Macy’s Men shopthen went to Dick’s Sporting store and bought couple of SFGiants Baseball hats.Then went to see XMen… wow full of terrific action. I love the special effect.I think I will see this one at least another 4 times.

Understand this…There is a reason for everything… There is a reason for everything I do… Thereis a meaning for everything I say…

Have a great week ahead of ya all.


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  1. hmmmmm very true yet part of me wants to not believe it….for eye do not always know the reasons or the meanns….eye thought eye did at the moment when it was still me thinking….but life has a way of showing me otherwise…….doesn’t mean everything has gone wrong or moments misplaced….it just means eye know my reasoning is not always pure(it is a conflicted ideal)… for xmen eye am looking forward to it myself…just need the right company really…..maybe some of my ole comic book friends…. either way it was good to have stopped by it has given me something to think about….which eye think is the goal of your writing after all right? though eye must say eye am sorry for assuming this but why hide what eye am thinking…..

    as always much love and care to you and yours


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