A Wintry Morning Flight.

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Written out of a note written during a flight from Kansas City to Albany when I visited my brother early this year.

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A Wintry MorningFlight.

Through wilderness of winter sky flying,
So wonderful to see the ever covering clouds beneath,
But the blazing sun moving back fast,
As if in fear of the aging plane.
People of all kinds sitting beside,
Some sleep, some acting asleep,
Most lost in the digital wilderness of computer lost.

Far below, unending towns and fields I see,
They all mean something to many,
But from a handful of miles above, none I see.
Where are the science gurus who challenge?
Everything their blinded senses don’t understand.
Where are those who discriminate?
On color, culture and beliefs.
Where are those who scream in the power of money?
Where are those who terrorize in name of God?
Where are those who live in the passions of lust?
Where are those who roll up their hands in politics?
They are all down there mastering their crafts,
Dividing people and caging in boundaries imaginary,
Upon man made maps drawn, from up here I don’t see,
And in the manipulations of men and passions of lusty women,
The world I live, down there smaller and smaller degenerate.

No longer I could look down,
I looked up and in my mind said,
“Oh God I could feel your creations down there,
I am flying in the construction of your best creation,
Oh’ I feel your hands around me in protection,
And the presence of the ever forgiving,
And all knowing you the merciful,
In the mind of all who believe and live,
And all who are confused in disbelief,
Of the short span of time given,
Time defined and redefined by many as life,
Upon you may laugh as we perish and our souls you cherish.”

My eyes I opened and down through the window I looked,
The great mother Earth up comes fast,
But when the illusion is gone I know the plane touched down,
Oh’ I wish I were flying always at times,
But when thinking of the lovely eyes,
And loving heart of that girl, waiting,
Thanked God once more for getting me safe to her,
And rushed to her hands with heart filled with joy.


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