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Thanks again for the wonderful well wishes. Today when I woke up I was
more than half relieved. I am not usually like that I will be down for
long periods of time. From her behavior I was kinda getting the message
clearly she is not what I expected at first. Well… like I said in a
poem and its intro called “Jigsaw Puzzle” she is still a mystery for
me. As for me, I just don’t want to bring in a puzzle into an already
complicated puzzle. You know what I mean. Okay… just thought I’d say
this. That’s all. I am at work that’s why this post comes so much
delayed after you commented. I forgot to turn off my PDA so in the
middle of the meeting it said “DOH…the mail is here” not a problem. We
are stuck here with no specific project plans at hand. In a nutshell
for the last three week me and my team members comes everyday morning
have a meeting in which we speak about baseball, basketball, soccer
world cup yada, yada, yada, rest of the day we just roam around the
office. There is nothing to do. So I will write a bit more as this will
keep me typing something.
  Last week I started my summer
evening walks, as this is a new place I walked through the road near by
and in about two minutes I reached a residential area. As I was
walking, to avoid any oncoming cars I stepped into the grass by the
road. I didn’t noticed there was a big pitbull lying in the plot near
by which the dog was guarding. The dog started chasing me. The dog only
chased me, it did not try to get close to bite or anything like that.
So the evening walk ended up with a sprint back to the hotel. Now for
the last three days my whole body is sore.
 As for the book… I
started reviewing the final draft, which the publishers sent me last
week. I will be submitting the final draft for text production before I
leave for Milwaukee for the long weekend. Then they will send me the
production copy for a 15 day review again to see if there is any typos
or other formatting errors. That also means I cannot add any more poems
after I send the final draft this week. In all after adding the latest
poem “The Canoe” there are 191 poems.
 So what’s up with you?
I thought you may post something but still what I see is “Grandma,
login” hehehe no offense, okay… post something when you get time. Both
my brothers loved the comment you wrote for my poem “Metaphors” and of
course it was a great relief after a long, long day yesterday. I love

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